Monday, December 1, 2008

This time it was Orvar.

Orvar is a dog that usually never do unusually things. He´s always close by what ever I do. But sometimes not even he can stay put. Yesterday my neighbors once again saw him sneaking away behaind our houses, away to a neighbors manurepile. They say that You can se immediately that he´s ashamed because he´s doing somthing hes not allowed to do. He sort of crawles whith his tail between his legs :-) It´s not so much the horseshit he wants as eventual leftovers that might be there. He also has to say hi to their dog too, whilst he´s around. That is when I understand that he´s away. Because the neighbors dog, Hampus, has a special cind of barking when he gets really happy :-) So when I get out to shout that he has to come back, he runs behind our houses, whith his tail between his legs, back home. He then seemes to belive that I wont understan where he has been :-)
The guilty one is cought in the trap. The trap is there to catch foxes whith mites. The only reason he looks sade is because he can´t turn in the box. As soon as the picture was taken, he happily started to chew on the fleshbone again :-)

But he succeeded whith yet another achievement yesterday. We were on a walk befor it would be completely dark. Then I suddenly hear a bang, as if two metalsheets hit each other. Orvar has of course walked straight into the foxtrap, because he wanted to eat of the fleshbone that hangs in there (It´s a box trap, nothing worse). He´s so big that he hardly fits in it, but that doesn´t stop him. After all, there was a fleshbone in there :-)

As soon as I forced him out of the trap, something he didn´t want to do (because why leave somthing edible to someone else?), he ran whith the speed of the wind.

I havent bought any Christmasflowers yet. Feels like it´s to early if I want them in bloom til Christmas. I had an azalea last Christmas that i, by accident broke of a big twig. Christmastime isn´t the ideal time to take cuttings, but I made eleven anyway. Ten of them died but the eleventh survived. Desoite the fact that I haven´t taken good care of it, it now has flower buds. The flowers will be bigger than the accual plant when in bloom :-) I used to save all azaleas that i bought in the past , but eventually there will be to many to take care of. So nowdays I´let them die if they don´t fight for survival. But I think that I have to take care of this little cutting so it survives.
Have a nice day!

The azaleacutting whith bud. The flower will be much bigger than the plant is :-)

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