Thursday, September 30, 2010

I´m prepared!

It still stands even after they collected most of the timber yesterday.

I drove to Falköping on my way home yesterday to order a pallet with fire-logs for the coming winter, wether it will be cold or not. For some reason it´s so much easier to pay a store lots of money so I can have my cottage warm during winter than it is to pay a lot of money to the electrical company I buy my electricity from :-) :-) :-)

I don´t know exactly when it will arrive but we hope they can deliver my pallet with fire-logs at the same time they will deliver wood pellets to my neighbor (I´m not sure that wood pellets is the right name for that, but it´s more or less the same thing I buy but in much smaller pieces for their stove). The pallet will weigh around 1,2 tons in kilo, that is around 2645,5 pound so I´ll have some work to do when I´ll move all that in to my wood shed :-) :-) :-)

We have had frost a couple of more days now, this time the temperature dropped to -3,4C (26,1F) and since I still have my car outside the garage I had to scrape ice that stuck so hard to the car windows that I barley got anything of the windows at all :-) :-) :-)  But since I have my electric engine heater on it takes only minutes until the ice melts anyway. But I really don´t like that we have so many nights with frost already.

So now there´s a fire in the stove and soon I´ll make a pot of tea and some sandwiches too. This is an evening  made for reading.
Have a great day now!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The coldest winter in over a thousand years!

They managed to save the sunflower even if they have put timber everywhere after the cutting. There is a flower lover in all humans it seems :-)

That is what Polish weather men has predicted for us here in Europe this coming winter. They mean that the Gulf stream is so weakened by all cold water melting on Greenland and that the oil spill in the gulf has made the stream sort of slower by the thickness of all the oil in the ocean.

Our swedish weather men hasn´t really answered on this yet, but I sure hope that they will reach another result when they calculate on the same facts. I think last winter was cold enough to be honest so I´m not looking forward to a winter colder than that one :-) :-) I wonder if we in Europe can force BP to pay most of our heating costs then? I doubt that very much!

I don´t think that we up here in the north would be the ones suffering most if this shows to be the truth. Our houses are well insulated for cold weather, but that is not the fact in southern Europe. Every winter we hear in the news how people freezes to death in southern Europe when the cold weather hits hard. I´ve never heard anything like that in happen my own country.

But I´ll prepare my home for a cold winter just in case. I´ll have to get something to cover the windows, thick blankets or perhaps styrofoam? Tomorrow I´ll also drive to Falköping to order fire logs, a whole pallet of them actually :-) But I´ll continue to buy smaller packages of it until the real cold hits us. I have electric radiators too, but I really don´t like to pay more money to those electric companies. They get enough as it is anyway :-) :-) :-)

But even if we don´t get it that cold it might be a good idea to buy a pallet of them anyway. I can always use them next year if I have some left then. It´s never wrong to be prepared for the worst even if we get the warmest winter in thousand years instead :-) :-) :-)

It has been a rather cold day today even if the sun has shined all the time. Northern winds has cooled down the area and it will be a clear night once again. I didn´t get frost last night as I thought I would, but my neighbors did :-) So now there´s a fire in the stove and soon I´ll have a cup of hot tea by my side :-)
Have a great day now!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I do hope I´ll be able to post this now! I tried to answer Beatrice comment in yesterdays blog and had to try four times before it got through!!!! Error 505 is the message I get every time. Is blogger getting so big now that it´s hard to keep the servers from failing? Well I have an account on Word Press just in case :-)

Mosses doesn´t always have to be only green.

It´s been a sunny and rather cold day here. It´s not dark yet and it´s only 8,2C (46,4F) outside. The sky is clear so there´s a risk for frost tomorrow morning I´m afraid. So I plugged in the electrical engine heater in my car just in case. It´s nice when the car fast gets warm even if it isn´t really cold outside :-)

My dogs didn´t seem to care about all trees being cut down on my favorite place, but Bertil didn´t like it at all! He shouted loudly the whole time we were there.

This is my favorite moss in the forest. It looks like miniature fern leafs.

I´ll better make this short today since I have no idea if it will be posted :-) But I can tell You that I have a fire in the stove, a cup of hot tea by my side and two new comic magazines waiting for me upstairs :-)
Have a great day now!

These two mushrooms are so tiny that I think one of them could be placed on a pinhead!

I´ll end this today by showing the two perennial sunflowers I have in my garden. This is Maximilians sunflower and the one below is an artichoke called Bianca. Most people over here doesn´t know that the artichoke is a sunflower because only one or two varieties flowers here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It is still there and as You can see there´s another flower on it that soon will open up. I can have a sunflower photo in the top of my blog for many days to come :-)

Most of the fog has disappeared today, but the clouds are still here and a strong wind has come instead. The automatic lights with light sensors are still shining in the village and it´s almost nine am. That is the only thing I really don´t like when autumn comes, it gets dark early and a cloudy day like this it never gets really light at all. Today the sun went up at 6:07am and will go down at 6:02pm.

It´s a mix of photos from yesterday and today and they don´t come in any special order to be honest.

This isn´t showing the truth to be honest. It was so dark this morning that I had to adjust my camera for extra light sensibility.

Soon "the Portal" will open up again.

I have just finished paying my bills this morning. It seems I got all the bills I actually can get at the same time this month :-) :-) Even though I always set aside money for my bills every month, it feels kind of sad to see all that money disappear within minutes :-) :-) I use the internet to pay my bills so I always check my computer for viruses before I get in to that site.

When I entered the my banks site I got a message that they really didn´t like my choice of browser (as You might remember I changed from explorer to Safari some time ago), so I said to the bank (in my head then, I really can´t talk to the bank via my computer :-)  ) that I used whatever browser that I like and I can always change bank :-) :-)

There are lots of browser that we can use now days. I like Safari because of its design and because I think it is less vulnerable against internet viruses since it really is a Mac program. Almost all viruses are made to get in via explorer since it is the biggest in the market. But there´s also Linux (I have only heard good things about that one), Firefox (well Firefox and I never agreed on anything but I know many that thinks it is perfect), Opera (have no info on that one) Google chrome (but I think Google is becoming to big and powerful now days. With power comes corruption and I don´t care if they want to do good, sooner or later that will change I´m afraid) and many more.

I have started a fire in the stove because it will be a cold day today. I have a pot of tea by my side and after that I´ll vacuum my home. It´s amazing how much sand and gravel my dogs can carry in their fur :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!