Saturday, January 30, 2010

The moon is comming out of the clouds and that means it´s going to be a cold night in winter. I just didn´t realise how cold to be honest :-)

-25,4C or -13F here this morning. I can´t say I like it, on the contrary! I do hope we´ll get some milder weather real soon! I don´t want to come home after the surgary only to slip on the ice the first thing I do when getting out of the car :-) :-)

The moon gave that much light that I could take a photo. Not very common I can say, the snow helps a lot.

Bertil the cat didn´t come home yesterday. It was quite cold already then and I went out several times, but no Bertil. All clouds flew away and the full moon was showing itself, so I got a bit worried.

A very, very cold cat came running towards us :-)

He didn´t come this morning either. So I got convinced that he either had frozen to death or been taken by the big fox we have here or the bobcat. They found tracks from a bobcat just beside my neighbours house, they also found the rests from a deer.

The sun is slowly rising above Mount Mösseberg this morning.

But I decided to take a walk with my dogs, despite the cold weather. Already after five minutes I lost all feeling in my legs :-) When we had passed my neighbours stable a small grey cat came running towards us :-) It was a very froizen little Bertil :-)

I think all of us here in the village has a fireplace of some kind.
Normally he doesn´t like when I lift him up on our walks, but now he almost looked thankful :-) He shivered so much the poor thing. But after a couple of minutes he started to purr instead. I decided to walk home with him again and just when we came close to the stable again we heard a scream from what I think was a hare. The fox had gotten his dinner.

This weekend is bird counting weekend. All that wants is going to count the birds and name the species that eats by their bird feeders. Since it is so bl...y cold here more unusual birds has come to my feeders. Unusual for this place that is. So far I´ve seen 21 Great Tits (those have I called Tallow ox before), 15 Blue tits, 40 Greenfinches, 5 Bramblings, 1 bullfinch, 5 Tree sparrows, 1 Black bird and 1 House sparrow.

Now it´s time to count more birds, I´m pretty sure I heard a wood pecker some minutes ago.

Have a great day now!