Monday, December 8, 2008

A day like others.

This I wrote July 16 this year.

Yesterday didn´t start espesially good. I woke up already at 05:00 when some one chewed on my toe! I have a little callus there, which is obviously nice to put small sharp teeth in, but sometimes the teeth missed the callus and went straight into my toe instead. Moreover, there was a rough little tung which apparently thought that my fotsouls needed to be washed :-) Kittens don´t care about the clock. Managed to get the foot under the quilt again and got to sleep a full hour before it was time again. Just as well to go up in other words. I started to brush my teeth and began fumble withmy tooth brush. I will never use that again after it fell straight down into the toilette. Our morning walk were not very pleasant either. Flies were already up and running, despite the wind, so I and the dogs had big black clouds around us.

When one live near a marsh area You really have to live whith flies.

Once back, I see that three tiles on the roof have slid down a bit and obviously on the top of the roof. So I have to correct them. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to go to up on the roof. Actually, I am not afraid of heights. I have been at the Eiffel Tower and looked at the view whithout being bothered by the hight. I mean, in case I would fall down from there I wouldn´t feel anything when I came down. But from a roof, I know that I damn well will feel pain when i`m landing:-)

As You can see my cottage isn´t very high. I will surely surviwe a fall but the pain!!

So I lie flat against the ladder and crawls like a snail upwords . When I finally gets to the top, I realize that I will not reach the roof tiles from the place I stand. I don´t dare to walk sideways up there on the roof either. So I start slowly, slowly going down again. Then, I feel how it starts to flutter around my legs. Well, it appears that there is a hornets' nest under the roof tiles. I usually swell up badly if I get stung, but this time I´m actually lucky. Panic is, however, lurcing around the corner. In fact, the desire to just jump right out of thin air, despite the pain and broken bones at the landing below is growing second by second. They leave me this time, but I may walk away with a warning. Succeed, however, to reach the roof tiles when I stood on a ladder from the other side of the house. Using a two-meter long stick, so now the tiles lies correctley again.

My Monstrea deliciosa flowered some years ago. The flower wont stand more than a week, but the fruit that comes after takes at least a year to ripe.

Once on the ground again, I recall that there is a hornets' nest on the patio as well. They have built their nest in a carpet which I have rolled up there after it was washed. Last night I managed to roll the carpet open, so that the nest is visible. Naturally the carpet edge fell back to were it was before, the wasps had just withdrawn the nest a little further into the carpet instead. But after having poked long and well with another long stick, I actually managed to open up the carpet altogether. So now they hopfully will move away totally. Thinking about making a greenhouse of the patio. But then I have to find a new place to drink coffee somewhere else in the garden. Must see if my economy allows me to do so.

This is the result when one gets two kittens to the house! It´s said that the fruit tastes something like pineapple and banana. It´s white when ready to eat.

Later that day I took the kittens to the veterinarian so they got their vaccinations. Six hundred Swedish kronor (about 80american dollars)it costed me. Not quite what I hoped for, but they have to be vaccinated. Moreover, the small lilittle creatures had thrown down three pots from the window tables and broken the fruit I had on my Monstrea. When it is ripe it shall have the taste of pineapple and banana and this one was obviously not ripe yet. Have just been waiting for it to ripe for nearly two years :-) So roughly one can say that it was a completely normal day for me out here in the cottage.
Have a nice day!

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