Sunday, February 28, 2010

This was taken the day before my trip to surgery.

I met my neighbour on my morning walk, he was out cutting down some smaller trees we have nearby. Even if the snow is melting rather fast the animals has no food. They have now started to eat the bark of trees and three mooses (probably the ones I met before surgery) has moved closer to my neighbours and started to eat bark on the trees.

Since these trees stands no chance of surviving he thought it best to cut them down so the mooses could concentrate on eating them instead of destroying more trees. At least we hope that can help. The mooses now eats all the food they put out to the smaller deers too. I can most probably see them from my bedroom window early in the morning. I´ll try to take a photo on them if I wake up early enough.

Otherwise nothing much happens here. I´m supposed to walk around 400 meters (around the same in yards) every day the first week. As long as it isn´t to slippery outside thats no problem. It´s when it´s starting to freeze again I might have problems. But I do have other exersizes too that I can do indoors. Now I feel its back to bed. My lower back hurts for some reason and has done so since the surgery. I´m quite happy that I don´t know what they really did during surgery :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I´m a bit amazed over the snow being able to hang like that from the roof! But it came around half a meter (half a yard) of snow that night.

I went as far as  the road was plowed that sunday morning :-)

I´ve just taken my first walk outside and I enjoyed every step I took :-) Naturally I forgot to take my camera with me But I´ll take a walk later today too so I´ll take the camera with me then. The photo´s You can see today is from the Sunday I went to hospital.

The pain pills I´m taking is a bit strange. First nothing happens, then I start to sweat like mad!  That just stops suddenly and for a while I´m quite ok. Then the freezing period starts! It was the same with my room neighbour at hospital, so I know it´s the pills. I think I´ll have to check them out on the internet today to see if this is normal. I get sudden attacks of tierdness too without warning. As soon as I don´t need them any more I´ll never take them again.

This is taken during my bus trip to Skövde.

I heard that our Ladies in Curling won the gold medal in the Olympics :-) :-) and that it was the Canadians they won over :-) :-) We do love our Curling Ladies!

I´ll try to read some of Your blogs today too. But I do get tired fast so I won´t read all of them I´m afraid.
Have a great day now all of You!

This was the view from my bed. It´s rather beautiful outside KSS, as tha Hospital is called. Click on the photo´s to make them bigger.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi my friends!
I´m back home again and the surgery went fine! But it was close I never had reached the hospital at all to be honest. The bus I was going to take to Falköping never came, it had driven down a ditch. But my neighbour drove me to town so I could get on the right bus to the hospital.

I was the first one they started on, on Monday morning, so I felt fine already on tuesday morning. I almost made one step before I almost fainted :-) But already on the afternoon I was up and walking around. My room neighbour didn´t get that lucky, he got an infection and could start walking properly today. So he´ll probably stay for the weekend too.

I just wanted to tell You that I´m back, but now I´m so tired that I´ll finish for today :-)
See You tomorrow!
Have a great day now!

Friday, February 19, 2010

You should see the icicles hanging from the roofs in Falköping. They were all long, heavy and dangerous. There were signs all over the town about roof droppings (can one write soo? sounds like cat droppings or something like that :-) :-)  ).

My tv hates me I think or prhaps I should say the digital box to my tv. It worked allright last morning and when I had fetched my mother at the traistation I thought it would be best to move it down to the livingroom where she´s sleping. Suddenly it refused to work. I get a picture showing nothing. I tried to make a channel search but nothing happens?? For some reason the signals from the tv antenna refuses to get to the digital box. The antenna cable is only a year old, but I´m hoping that it´s broken somewhere so now I´ve bought 20 meters of new cable (about the same in Yards).

Thankfully we can see tv in my computor too! Since it is the Olympics and my mother wants to look at it during her stay here it would be a bit annoying if it would be impossible to look at it at all. Well there´s radio, but it isn´t the same. Especially if the commentator isn´t good.

It has been snowing for the last 24 hours and it will continue more or less until tuesday. Not good! My mother is of respectable age :-) and shouldn´t really showel snow at all. But it she wants to get out of the cottage and if she wants to drive anywhere she must showel. Especially next friday when I get home again. I can´t jump over a high edge of snow with crutches. So I´ll have to talk to my neighbour that has a tractor, so he can get rid of some of that snow before I get home again. Otherwise I have a hughe problem!

This will be my last entry before going to surgery. If everything goes ast it should I´ll be writing a short thing about me having comming back. I´m not allowed to sit to long in the beginning :-) :-) But until then: have a great week now!


I said I would write a blog on Thursday, but many things did their best to stop me from writing :-) :-) I promise that it will come a blog before leaving for surgery! Most probably today.
Take care all of You!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We don´t have any hot springs in this country, so I can´t understand why the water in this little creek isn´t frozen.

I was working with cleaning the paint box after lunch and turned around to go out of the box. It´s amazing how the back can give pain :-) I thought I wasn´t going to be able to get out of the paint box at all. The only thing I was thinking was that I have a gift of timing wrong :-) It´s only days away to my surgery and here I go and gets lumbago. But the pais is slowly loosing its grip and the only thing I´ll do this evening is to sit and watch the Olympics and have a heating pad towards my back.

Today it´s ski biathlon again. It didn´t go that good the last time. Since the shooting part were exellent and our women are amongst the best in the world everyone asked why these bad results??! It was then I realised that we have Holy Men in our country, men that one shouldn´t contest, especially not the skiers. It´s the men that prepares the skis.They seemes to be without fault You see. When the press asked them why the skis were so bad the chief Holy man answered that the sweeds always have good skis, never bad. But sometimes some countries have even better skis :-) :-) :-) Why not just say that today we really messed up, but next time the skis will be much better :-)

Its´the start of the Curling today too. Even if Curling is a very, very small, almost tiny sport over here our Ladies are amongst the best in the world. They won the last Olympics for instance. Unfortunally our Ladies starts to late for me, but I think I might have a chance to see something from the mens competition instead.

Now it´s time for some Småländsk ostkaka (Småland is a big county over here and Ostkaka is the same thing as cheese cake).

Have a great day now!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I´m a bit late as usual on Mondays. Today I drove to Skara and bought a couple of bed sets and a warm blanket that my mother can use when she´s here. I always lack blankets here. As soon as they look a bit sad I give them to my dogs to have in the doghouse when I´m at work. For some reason they always drag the blanket outside and soaks it in either the rain or the snow. I can´t for my life understand why they do so though.

Nowdays when buying bed sets over here one never gets the sheet one sleeps on, is it called in sheet? Why?? Those has to be bought extra and that really annoyes me. It´s just a way to make more money ofcours. It´s also impossible to get the same color on those sheets as on the rest of the bedset. Perhaps the one ordering this is color blind? But I didn´t know there were so many color blind persons in this country and that they all have the same job :-) :-)

I´ll make this blog short because now the olympics has started for the day and we have a real chance of a medal in womens cross country skiing.

Have a great day now!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

And there he sat again this morning :-)

A couple of men were going to take down big icicles from a roof in the big city Norrköping, but had problems reaching it, so they came up with a great idea. Why not shoot them down with a rifle? Since one of them were a hunter hitting them would be no trubles. The Police however has very differents thoughts about this and now the men are in troubles :-) :-) How could they not undesrtand that shooting with a rifle in a big city with lots of people living there could be a problem? I never cease to be amazed over how people thinks :-) :-)

The Olympics is now going on and it started out quite good when our hockey ladies won their first game over Switzerland. But our Ski Biathlon women really failed instead. They are the ones we really counts on taking medals and hopefully gold medals. Tonight it´s our biathlon men trying their best. With a lot of luck they might get a medal or at least a place amongst the ten best.

I should really start cleaning my home now, but I sort of can´t find the energy today. I do have a lot to do before my surgery and it should have been nice to be able to take the week of from work. But I have no vacation days left and absolutly now compensation hours to use either, on the contrary. I have used more hours than I have :-) :-)

But there´s still a whole week before leaving for hostpital so I´ll just have to do more the rest of the week. Now I think I´ll take a nap beside my dogs on my bed. I think my last blog before surgery is on Thursday. After that You´ll have to wait until I´m back home again.

Have a great day now!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

It´s nasty cold outside mostly because of the strong wind. The smoke from the chimneys flies out horizontal insted of straight up :-) Teodor really wante to go out this morning despite the cold, but only few minutes later he started to shout so I could let him in. But it wasn´t from the door I heard the sound, it was from just outside my kitchen window a couple of meters up in the air (the same in yards) :-)

Today my dogs got to choose what way to walk and in to the woods they headed. We walked on the road that has some open fields by one side. Suddenly they stopped and just looked out on the field. I think the three mooses got as surprised as we did :-) I got the camera, but You know how digital cameras works. First it has to decide weather it wants to start at all, then it has to decide if it wants to get adjusted like I want and last but not least, it actully has to take the photo.

When all those stages had been done the mooses had run far away :-) But I did manage to make one of the photo´s big enough to let You see them. It´s not good but You can see them :-) To be honest we were all lucky that they decided to run away and not attack us. But since there were three dogs I think they thought it was best to run. Angry and scared mooses are really, really dangerous.

If the wind doesn´t slow down I think I´ll stay indoors all day :-) I´ll also see the olympic opening ceremony on tv, I prefered to sleep instead when they sent it live :-)

Have a great day now!

I wish I owned this old root cellar.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today I payed my last bill from my old buisness, my gardencenter. It was the bill to my accountant. She have been waiting to send it until she knew I could pay it and when she heard that I was going in to surgery she wanted to wait some more. But since I have put aside the money for this and since I think she´s worth every cent of it I just payed it on the internet bank. It feels quite good :-)

I have been having troubles getting out on the internet these last weeks. I have had to try at least four times every time and I couldn´t understand why the computor behaved like that. But Windows gave me the explanation. I´ve had Google toolbar for a long time, but a year ago it suddenly dissapered. I didn´t bother to put it back again until a couple of weeks ago. That was when the troubles started. So now it´s gone again and hopefully my troubles too.

Since I´m not going to be able to drive and carry heavy things for a month I´ve now started to buy lots of Fire logs for my stove. I´m counting on that warmer weather will come in March, so I´ve calculated that I will use one ten kilo pakage ( around 20 pound) a day. So I´ll have to have atleast thirty pakages and I have to have them in my kitchen :-)

Tonight (Swedish time around 3am) the Olympic wintergames will start. It would have been fun to see the opening ceremony, but I know that I´ll faal a slepp on the couch if I try too :-) I do get up early in the morning even on weekends, but not that early :-)

Have a great day now!

The "hang over" :-) is even bigger now, but still hangs on to the roof.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Much of Skövde looks like this,

So up I went this morning and checked the thermometer seeing that it´s only -21,5C (-6F) outside! That wasn´t anything I wanted to see :-) :-) There were strangly enough no ice on the cars windows?

or this. Not something I think is beautiful.
But near the town square one can find really fine older buildings.

Since It was so cold I decided to let my dogs stay in the cottage while I was away, it should go pretty fast at the doctor since it was just a check up before the surgery. Well, it was a bit more actully.

This is a little hotel.

I talked to my doctor and he checked my blood pressure and tested how bad my leg was. But after that I had to give some blood, fill a lot of papers with info about myself, meet a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist and in the end I had a talk with the anesthetist that would take care of me during the surgery.

I can´t say that they had organised this especially good, it took some time, but that gave me a chance to talk with the man that will have his second surgery too at the same time as me. We agreed on having the tv on all the time since it´s the olympics. If one falls asleep but not the other he still can see the games :-)

I also met a woman that lives very close to me. Her problem was that the hipreplacement got loose from the hip all the time, so she had to get it done one more time to get it right.

When I came home I found 14 pounds of sunflower seeds spread all over my home. I can´t understand why they have to open up those bags since they don´t like to eat them. They had also manmaged to open up the door to the dog food. Hector, I know it´s him he has done it before, had then chewed through the bottom of one of the dog food bags and started to eat from it :-) :-) I won´t even mention what they had done to the cat littre box :-) :-) :-)

A tourist visting centre.

If You wonder how I´ll do with the blog when recovering from the surgery I will continue as usual. Well not the week when I´m at the hospital, but when I come home I´ll start again. I´ll leave a message here the first thing I come home. Now there´s a fire in the stove and a pot of tea will be made. Teodor is sleeping on the kitchen couch close to the food bowl :-) Bertil sleeps near the stove, Erna walks around looking at tye floor for something to eat and the two brothers sleeps on the floor next to me.

Have a great day now!

It was so nice to come home again :-)