Friday, December 5, 2008

In Sweden we celebrate only one saint and that´s saint Lucia on December 13:th. So I should really save this story until then, but here it comes anyway.
Can You see that it snows again? This and the rest of the pictures are continues trys to learn my mobilecamera.
I had decided that my mother would have coffee at bed the morning of Lucia. There wouldn´t be any surprise because I didn´t know how to make coffee. So the day before she told me that there would be two measures of coffee to two cups of water, put on the brewer and then wait. It couldn´t be simpler :-)

The clouds are sourrounding Mount Mössebrg like cotton. But I think that you really has to know how it looks whithout the clouds to se the difference.

Said and done. On the morning of Lucia I went up extra early. Picked up gingerbread, cinnamon buns and some Lusse katter (That´s a sort of Christmasbun). Pour two measures of coffee in the filter and then start the brewer. If I´m to be honest, I actually have always liked the aroma of coffee more than I like drinking coffee. I remember how I sat there and just enjoyed the smell.

Isn´t it amazing how snow hangs on to the roof?

She could forget to hear a Luciasong from me. Each year, I had to sing "Staffan was a stableboy" before the whole school. No one ever asked me if I wanted to or not, but every year the teacher said: "Christer you sing Staffan as usual!" When You are a handbreadth high and two handbreadths wide You really don´t want to stand there before the whole school:-) So a Lucia Song my mother could forget :-)

This pond lies close to my house and I really would like to buy that piece of land. To clean up a little. In spring theré are loads of frogs here, it´s one of their favourite places.
When the coffee was ready and everything were put on a plate, I went in to her. The coffee aroma filled the entire room within seconds. She lifted the cup and took a deep sip. Oh my Good how fast she got it out again! What I didn´t know was that one would not use dl measures to make the coffee :-) Although she likes strong coffee, this was in the vicinity of pure poison I think :-) But my gosh how fast she perked up :-) Have a nice day!

Here I tried to take a close up picture of the moon. But I think that it´s more like one of these UFO-pictures they like to show :-)

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