Monday, December 22, 2008

Even though there´s a lot of cars parked, there weren´t many people out to buy Christmaspresents.

The sun is shining and it´s almost seven degres (Centigrades) outside. It was wonderful to take the morningwalk with the dogs. Bertil, my other cat, followed us but he didn´t come home with us. Hope he´s careful out there, because he´s not big and would be an easy pray to a fox. I´d better go that way later today to see if I can find him.

It´s to light outside to se the the Christmaslights unfortunally.

I went away to Falkoping to buy a Christmaspresent this morning too. They once had a big voting about which town in Sweden that was the most boring and Falkoping won :-) If Your young it probably is and even though its the biggest town in my community I dont go there to shop for most of the time. The funny thing with that town is that the center of it doesn´t lie in the center of the town, it´s placed almost at one end of its area :-) It has grown to north east since it was founded.

It´s both stonebuildings aswell as..

treebuildings in Falkoping center. It´s acully quite beautiful to be honest.

Besides to buy a Christmaspresent I bought some tea too. They have a very nice coffe and tea shop in Falkoping. Expensive yes, but with good service though. They had tea whith the tast of Mullet wine and the smell was fantastic. Now when I boiled a cup I can tell that it tastes just as fantastic! Just like Mullet wine.

I like the railwaystation in Falkoping. I don´t know the name of the style though. Didn´t get a good picture of it because I sat in the car.

On my way home I went in to the groserystore in Gudhem (“Gods home”, nice name for a village isn´t it?) and whished them a Merry Christmas. They have everything one needs and arent espesially expensive either. If they don´t have it one just can order it, no problems with them.
One can´t get better service anywhere. Now it´s time to feed the birds and then maybe take a nap :-)
Have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

Real nice blog today I enjoy photos of your area . Alice and I have researched on the web but have not found good maps or pictures of your area.Google seems to think your in the wilderness.
Hope you find your cat.