Saturday, December 13, 2008

Going through the first seedcatalog.

I have started read through Impectas seed catalog now. Since I prefer shrubs and trees, I feel slightly disappointed. That part of the catalog has not changed much over the years since I first got a catalog from them. Thinking, however, on whether I should test the Black walnut (Juglans nigra). I haven´t the place for it once it´s big, but that´s a later problem :-). Maybe I will buy seeds of Calycanthus floridus was. Laevigatus as well? It is not hardy here in my village, if it becomes a normal cold winter again. But the seeds germinate readily, and perhaps it woorks as a potplant? It´s is a close relative of the magnolia and has an interesting brown-red flower. It says in the information that the bush smells of cinnamon. That I would like to say is a clear exaggeration. The shrubs I have owned only smelled if you crushed the leaves or damaged the bark. One thing more, Impectas hardyness indications must be made when they probably were drunk on a staffparty, for they are insanely optimistic for the most part.

The water slowley freezes from one end to the other.
The perennial part was more enjoyable, although I now would cut down on the perennial sowing :-) I have observe the different knight spurs. Cardinal larkspur (Delphinium Cardinale), Eldriddarsporre (D. nudicaule), Yellow larkspur (D. semibarbatim) and Prairielarkspur (D. virescens). The first three all germinate easily, but may well be tricky in the garden. The cold is not the biggest problem for them, but the winter wet. Sandy soil around them is to recommend, in addition to a calm place. The last, however, I have no experience at all. The Blue Mountain poppy (Meconopsis bentonicifolia), I must sow again. If you only think that after they germinated, they must have cold nights to have the strength to grow further, there´s no great problem to have strong fine plants. So the easiest way is to sow the seeds and put the pots out on a shady location outdoors. The alpine poppy (Papaver radicatum), I also have to sow I think. It is a pretty little poppy, which fits well in a rockery. Ideally, it should not have any other plants beside themselves, they are not good at competition.

Annuals I usually do not sow anymore. Think it's too much work for plants that will only be living one summer, think I have become lazy :-) But after seeing Mammanettes all fine pictures of here poppys, I think it´s time to order some seeds this year :-) Perhaps it will be nasturtium 'Alaska' also. Although I sowed it really late last summer, they became great. Be good!

The ladder stills stands outside my window after the chimneysweper were here. Became an interesting picture?

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