Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have a verry Happy New Year!

And so another year comes to an end.To me it makes no differns at all, the only thing I care about is that spring slowley but surely is comming back to this frosen land. Outside it´s some minusderees and a gentle rain is slowley falling. No time to be out on the roads then.

Almost all ditches is frosen now, as You can se in the brown coloured water we have a lot of iron in the grounds here.

When watching tv yesterday I realised that I´m lucky being borne in this country. All over the world there are wars going on, people starving and dying from simple diseases we don´t have to worry about and there are natural disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes all over the globe.

My cats followed us on the walk as usual, this time very quiet though.

We haven´t had a war here, or been involved in one, for almost two hundred years now. I still have a job so starving is nothing I have to worry about. Even if I didn´t have a job our social security net would keep starving away from me. If I need health care, whatever it might be, I wont have to pay more than 1900swedish kronor (about 237,5 amerikan dollars) a year for hospitalcare and the same amount for medicine.

We occasionally have a storm that makes our lives problematic for some time, but nothing compared to what happens on the American continent or in Asia. If someone dies here in a storm it´s because they go outside into the wind. We actully had an earthquake here last week, but if You come from California Yuo would laugh at it. But for us it was one of the biggest we had, 4,6 on the richterscale I think it was.

There´s a light glowing in my neighbours stable. I get a Christmasy feeling looking at this picture.

We also have something we call “All mans right”. As long as one don´t walk around in anyones garden, you can walk around wherever one wants too, doesn´t mattger who owns the forest or field. One can pick berrys and flowers (unless they are endangerd) where ever one are and camp for 24hours without asking for permission from the landowner. There´s a lot more one can do, but also what one can´t do, but thats the general idea.

Finally I got a picture on a deer. It watched us for a long time before it decided that we were no threat.

We also have a lot of problems in this country, but that I´ll save for a nother day :-)

Have a very Happy New Year!


Roses and stuff said...

Så sant, så sant. Vi är lyckligt lottade här i landet, och ändå mår många riktigt dåligt. Man kan undra hur det hänger ihop? Den materiella välfärden är hög, men kanske saknar många människor nära relationer och ett sammanhang i tillvaron? - Nåväl...önskar dig ett riktigt gott nytt år!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Visst är det så som du skriver! Men kanske den tiden snart passerat då hela det ekonomiska systemet snabbt håller på att rasa. Kanske folk inser att det materiella inte är fullt så viktigt trots allt?
I vilket fall önskar jag dig ett gott nytt år!

woody said...

Nice blog today Christer Sweden seems a fine country to enjoy the New Year in.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

In many ways it´s really fine, but we do have a lot of problems to, like most countries. But why talk about them now :-)
Happy New Year!

HelenJ said...

Trevlig blogg du har, jag ska sätta mig och läsa igenom alla inläggen snart.

Gott Nytt År önskar jag dig också! /Helen

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tack skall du ha!
Visst kommer jag att skriva mycket om trädgård här också, men även en hel del annat.
Gott Nytt själv!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Christer, and a satisfying 2009 for you and your family ***
I believe that problems are inevitable whether with people or in countries i It is the 'other side of the coin' but Sweden manages to maintain basic harmoney and well-being with it's people and it's borders and I do admire and respect that! It upholds human rights. It is decent. It is watchful and attentive. I equate Swedes with America's old-time mountain folk in many ways firstly, being strong, independent, compassionate and protective of who they are and their land. They never mess with anyone and are not folks to mess with. They are very fair but not push-overs. Tough but not bullies.
And they can be trusted.
To Sweden I say, "Bravo, and blessed New Year."
To Christer, I say, "A healthy and favorable New Year.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Thank You for those words! I hope we can live up to them.
I wish You a happy, healthy and favorable New Year