Saturday, December 27, 2008

I went out to what once was an island in the shallow lake that once were here. It´s still islands in a way, because they are a bit difficult to reach if the summer isn´t very dry or the winter very cold.

There has been almost no wind today, but the one we had was utterly cold. Perhaps the winter has decided to come at last? I really don´t care for winter, but it´s better to have one kind of whether than what we have now. Cold a couple of days and warm a couple of days.

The island is a couple of meters high at most. This is its highest point. For some reason small plants of spruce thrive here.

I haven´t done much today, exept for the video You can se befor this blogg. Low quality but it is the firts one I´ve ever done :-) Tho comming ones will b be better I hope. Fed the birds outside ofcourse and made some rice porridge (is that what one call it? ). So now it´s not much left to do but eat the porridge and watch some tv i think.
Have a nice day!
One or two trees were cut down a long time ago and now some small animal lives inside what´s left of them.

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