Sunday, November 30, 2008

I remember when Erna was born.

This I wrote early a sunday morning this summer. It was during a long period of warmth and drought.

I made an early morning today. Woke up already at 05:35. Since I will get up early tomorrow, at 04:45, to get to work I maight as well go up so early on sundaymorning to. At least I know that I will fall asleep easy tonight. It was so nice outdoors, slightley cold perhaps, but then atleast the flies are calm :-) I´m keeping an extar eye on Erna nowdays, her back is anything but good, so she can be very stale sometimes. She hasen´t been paralysed yet, but I think thats just around the corner so to speak. She getting a medicine that helps really good, but as soon I notice that she´s getting stale, we quikley turn back home.
One of the last things that will disapear from my mind, when senility comes, is what happend when Erna and her siblings were born.
This is Erna. Now eleven and a half year old.
It was a little more than eleven years ago, last of Mars. Her mother, Viran, had gone a few days over time and started to show clear signs that it was about time now. I had read every book about the subject and rememberd every film I´ve seen about bitches giving birth to their puppies. I felt ready!

About 14:00.
It´s pouring water out of Viran, so I call the vet. It was lucky for me that it was Tore that had the emergency over the weekend. He´s a fantastic vet.
- It´s pouring water from Viran! Is that the amniotic fluid? (Is that the real word?)
She´s wandering around in the garden, Just wanted to know if it´s starting now?
- Is she wandering around in the garden? Are You shore she´s not peeing? You have to remember that she cant lower her self now whith all the puppies inside of her.
- Aha.
- Christer, she is a mixed breed and four years old, she´ll handel this her self.

About 18:00
Viran has now started somthing most likely called a roar. I´m desperat looking for answers in all the books I have at home. They don´t say anything about roars. I call the vet again.
- Is she supposed to sound lika this?. I lifted the phone into the air.
- I´ve heard wors. Leave her alone Christer, she´s going to handle this herself.

The bitches I´ve seen on films walks around a bit, makes their bed and squeek a little. Viran runs like a maniac around the house and roars like a wonded animal. But I do as the vet says and leaves her alone.

This is one of Ernas six brothers.
About 20:00
Viran stands and roars in one corner of the kitchen. I´m sitting in the opposite corner screaming.

About 21:30
I´m calling the vet again.
- It´says nothing about here going on like this in any of my books! Is this really normal?
- Oh yes. Why dont you take a long walk whith your other dog? Viran will handle this on herself. One more thing Christer, don´t read any books. You´ll just be worried then.

About 23:30
Calls the vet again.
- Now she´s been roaring for houers, is there really nothing wrong?
- Nothing is wrong! They will probably pop out soon. Why dont You do something else while You´re waiting?

So I sits down in my corner of the kitchen and continue to scraem.

Then suddenly, Viran starts to make her bed. A few minutes befor midnight it starts. “Usually the bitch wants help during the birth of her puppies”, so it says in one of my books. So I go to her and are prepared. Viran, who is one of the nicest dogs I´ve ever met, showes a totally differnt side of her personallity. All hair on her body rises and I can see all her teeth at once. I could at least see that she didn´t have any calculus on her teeth, so I back down. And finally 00:00:20 the first of April, the first two puppies comes at the same time. The first thing Viran does is to eat the placentas and then sits down on the puppies! Then finally, I´m allowed to help. I dig up the puppies and wipes them dry and clean. Viran looks at them whithout caring the least about them. But she gets it after a while. The puppies coulden´t get a better mother. My other dog and
I and my other dog, Sickan, are resting in my livingroom when we suddenly hear a bang in the kitchen at two o klock in the morning. The seventh and last puppie is born. Oddly enough Viran doesnt seem to have had any laborpain at all befor he comes. Even Viran seemed surprised :-)

After that night I desided that there would ever, never be any more puppies in my home, I thught I never would get thru one more round. How wrong was I? But thats another story.
Have a nice day.

Viran, her seven puppies and Sickan. Only one of them are alive today and that is Erna.

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