Saturday, December 20, 2008

I woke up this night hearing a storm quickley pass thru. But the reason I woke up was that I forgott to turn of the alarmclock..It´s the bacup clock that I have incase the electric one shoukd stop by powerfailiur. I have acculy never heard it befor and got very confused when I heard something play “We wish You a merry Christmas” in a very high pitched electric tone :-)

They have fenced the field beside the river. Nowdays it´s cattles that goes there. I could walk there if I want to, but I´m not sure the cattle is gone for now.

When I got up an hour later it also rained and that cept going on half the day. I went to the grosery store and there is a new wind power plant not long from the store. The ones I´ve been close to before has been very silent. This one though made a lot of noice. It must be a kilometer from the store but still I could here loud swoshes from it. SWOSH SWOSH SWOSH. I´m glad I ´m not living close to that thing.
This is all thats left from an old Birch, probably cut down before I was born. But only because the tree is dead it doesen´t mean that life is gone. Slowley, slowley other species takes over and the birch is their food.

The windpower plant. This one makes a lot of noice so I´m glad I´m not living close to it.

Otherwise it´s been a quiet day. Slept an hour and woke up when Orvar thought it would be a good idea to wrestle a little :-) We both fell down from the bed into the dogbasket :-)
Have a nice day!
Another peace of a birch long gone. I can´t even imagine what kind of creatures lives in it now.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog today your obersavations regarding the dead birchs are simular to my own thoughts that even dead there is ongoing life in nature around us. Although noisy it is good to see they have made effort to harness the wind for power. Here when someone suggest wind tower many object to it.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I also think that we should have more windpower plants, but this one were really noicy. I´ve been cloose to several that has been very silent. This one was new so it might be startingproblems whith it?

Every one wants more windpowerplants here, but not right next to were they live! Not easy to find places then, is it? :-)

hernadi-key said...

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Anja said...

Här kommer ett annat "elektroniskt" ljud Christer:

GOD JUL åt er alla (hundar, katter m.fl. skogsrån!)
Har du slutat att blogga på svenska eller har det med serverkraschen att göra?


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

God jul önskar jag dig också!
Har lämnat ett svar på din blogg.