Sunday, December 14, 2008

Plastic packages.

Something that really can get me to go through the roof is the plastic they put around different products. Take, for example, when You´ve bought a DVD film. One can only say that it is absolutely impossible for a thief to pick out the film in the store. It is almost impossible to get to the film at home too! If there is a small tab that we should pull at (very unlikely though), it´s either gummed against the other plastic, or it is not glued to the strip itself that it should . You can always try to get a fingernail under the tabs on the short end, right? HA! it´s impossible! Even the knives may have difficulty getting through the plastic. Finally, you just want to throw the shit out of the window. It can be as bad with cookies. But where one can at least cut with a knife between the cookies :-)

I couldn´t resist to buy this Christmasrose (Helleborus niger). It´s acculy my first Christmasflower this year.
A hanging geranium still flowers in my cold cellar.
Sat and watched the TV-shop for a while this morning. They sell everything possible madness there. Today they showed, for example, there is no need to train to become as toned as those who promote it. The thing they sold is vibrating and, according to advertising, after a while you should get enormous chest muscles and also ribs on the stomach :-) :-) Certainly, it is amazing that there is no need to do anything to look like such :-) You´re just lying there without doing anything and boom! You´re well-trained :-) :-) :-) I actually have been as fit befor and can guarantee that it required a lot more than a belt that vibrates :-)

An ordinary geranium also flowers down there. I think the lamp I have down there makes it look much darker than it is. It should be bright red.

This wildgeranium (Ithink it´s Pelargonium quinquelobatum) Also flowers yet.

Moreover, it could remove cellulite. First they show a female rump that has a lot of cellulite, shortly thereafter they show a completely different rear, from a young well-trained woman without cellulite(they had the same color of the bikini). In a way it does not convinced me that it actually helped to get rid of cellulite either :-) :-) Now I´m not sitting here being priggish and saying that one should not buy anything on the TV shop. I myself have actually bought a wok from there. If it´s handhammerd in China (as they claimed in advertising), I do not know. But it is a well-used thing here at home. Moreover, it fits perfectly into my wood stove.
Be good!

One fuchsia still struggels to flower in the cellar. But it has lost all its collour now. It should be bright red, but now it´s orange.


decareis said...

would be nice to think so !!!!!!
I would be a spectacle! to get back into the party dress! Heheheheheheh

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Andrea!
Yes it is a nice thought :-) :-) :-)

Take care now!