Saturday, December 6, 2008

It´s a nice program isn´t it? (I can tell You that it is, for You who hasn´t heard it :-) ) Swedish Radio wanted to take it of the air, but the listeners have saved it. What is it whith Swedish radio and televison? Why do they have to take old, but popular shows of the air” Take for instance Gröa Rum (Green rooms. That was a really popular garden programe on TV), They had over one million viewers every time (that is a lot in Sweden) and replaced it with something that hardly showes in the ratings. Idon´t say that the program couldn´t be better, but why take it away from the air when the viewers like it? Yes, yes, it was perhaps not 18-25yer old who looked at it, and we who have reached over that age counts as dead. Well for us there is of course “Ask the doctor” :-) But now back to "Phone and we´ll play."
While waiting for the cranes. Hundred of cars are parked here at springtime. All their owners are watching the cranes that arrives every year from the south.

For about twenty-six years ago, I was doing my military service far away in Boden (a city way up in the north of Sweden). This was one of those weekends when I got home by air and there had been a late arrival the day before the program. My morning mood at the time was not at its best, so I was tired and sullen and ate breakfast while I listened to "Phone and we´ll play." For some reason, I said loud to myself that if my area code and my two last numbers in my phonenumber would bee drawn I would call there. Miracle of miracles when Tellemar just does just that! I was quite cold inside. What would I do? I had promised myself to call if it happened!

The fog has once again rolled in over the village. When it does it´s usually quite thick.

But in the forest it´s not quite as thick.

I went to the phone and called to the show. I was very surprised when I realized that I came to switch directly that I put thethe phone down again. I had not really expected to reach the program at all :-) A little annoyed at myself I called the number again. Now quite sure that I can´t have such luck again. Once again, I was surprised, they responded immediately! So after I left my name and telephone number, I went back to breakfast. The chance that they would call back to me was not so great. Five minutes later the phone rings. It was "Ring and we´ll play “!

The fallen Oxel (Sorbus) fought into the end. It was green and lush all summer even though it fell in a storm last winter.

I live at the side of a square mile (european mile) marsh area. It´s also a protected natural enviorment. You shuldn´t go in there if You don´t no Your way.

My hart bolted so hard that I could hear it. Tellemar was very nice, I think, in any case because I was so nervous that I hardly remember anything :-) What I have understood afterwards, we had talked sports. Or he had. Those who heard the program says that I have never been so quiet in my life :-) Then the question came: In which two subjects has Sweden taken the most Nobel prizes? Nothing a boy for eighteen years old think about :-) But then I remembered my old stamp collection. There was always prizewinners in chemistry, physics and medicine. So I said very quietly: Chemistry and medicine (I think, not quite remember if I have to be honest). Now I did not hear what you answered, said Tellemar then. Chemistry and physics! I shouted out loud and clear :-) You've won a cd, he said then. He was particularly nice that day :-) After that I have several times tried phone to the show, but not even reached the switch. But what does it matter? I've won a cd from Tellemar :-)

Have nice day!


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh your pictures are beautiful! That forrest looks like a winter wonderland! Thank you so much for visiting me and for your sweet words.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

We did get a lot of snow these last few days, but now it´s slowley melting away again.
Yor Blog is really worth reading!