Sunday, November 30, 2008

I remember when Erna was born.

This I wrote early a sunday morning this summer. It was during a long period of warmth and drought.

I made an early morning today. Woke up already at 05:35. Since I will get up early tomorrow, at 04:45, to get to work I maight as well go up so early on sundaymorning to. At least I know that I will fall asleep easy tonight. It was so nice outdoors, slightley cold perhaps, but then atleast the flies are calm :-) I´m keeping an extar eye on Erna nowdays, her back is anything but good, so she can be very stale sometimes. She hasen´t been paralysed yet, but I think thats just around the corner so to speak. She getting a medicine that helps really good, but as soon I notice that she´s getting stale, we quikley turn back home.
One of the last things that will disapear from my mind, when senility comes, is what happend when Erna and her siblings were born.
This is Erna. Now eleven and a half year old.
It was a little more than eleven years ago, last of Mars. Her mother, Viran, had gone a few days over time and started to show clear signs that it was about time now. I had read every book about the subject and rememberd every film I´ve seen about bitches giving birth to their puppies. I felt ready!

About 14:00.
It´s pouring water out of Viran, so I call the vet. It was lucky for me that it was Tore that had the emergency over the weekend. He´s a fantastic vet.
- It´s pouring water from Viran! Is that the amniotic fluid? (Is that the real word?)
She´s wandering around in the garden, Just wanted to know if it´s starting now?
- Is she wandering around in the garden? Are You shore she´s not peeing? You have to remember that she cant lower her self now whith all the puppies inside of her.
- Aha.
- Christer, she is a mixed breed and four years old, she´ll handel this her self.

About 18:00
Viran has now started somthing most likely called a roar. I´m desperat looking for answers in all the books I have at home. They don´t say anything about roars. I call the vet again.
- Is she supposed to sound lika this?. I lifted the phone into the air.
- I´ve heard wors. Leave her alone Christer, she´s going to handle this herself.

The bitches I´ve seen on films walks around a bit, makes their bed and squeek a little. Viran runs like a maniac around the house and roars like a wonded animal. But I do as the vet says and leaves her alone.

This is one of Ernas six brothers.
About 20:00
Viran stands and roars in one corner of the kitchen. I´m sitting in the opposite corner screaming.

About 21:30
I´m calling the vet again.
- It´says nothing about here going on like this in any of my books! Is this really normal?
- Oh yes. Why dont you take a long walk whith your other dog? Viran will handle this on herself. One more thing Christer, don´t read any books. You´ll just be worried then.

About 23:30
Calls the vet again.
- Now she´s been roaring for houers, is there really nothing wrong?
- Nothing is wrong! They will probably pop out soon. Why dont You do something else while You´re waiting?

So I sits down in my corner of the kitchen and continue to scraem.

Then suddenly, Viran starts to make her bed. A few minutes befor midnight it starts. “Usually the bitch wants help during the birth of her puppies”, so it says in one of my books. So I go to her and are prepared. Viran, who is one of the nicest dogs I´ve ever met, showes a totally differnt side of her personallity. All hair on her body rises and I can see all her teeth at once. I could at least see that she didn´t have any calculus on her teeth, so I back down. And finally 00:00:20 the first of April, the first two puppies comes at the same time. The first thing Viran does is to eat the placentas and then sits down on the puppies! Then finally, I´m allowed to help. I dig up the puppies and wipes them dry and clean. Viran looks at them whithout caring the least about them. But she gets it after a while. The puppies coulden´t get a better mother. My other dog and
I and my other dog, Sickan, are resting in my livingroom when we suddenly hear a bang in the kitchen at two o klock in the morning. The seventh and last puppie is born. Oddly enough Viran doesnt seem to have had any laborpain at all befor he comes. Even Viran seemed surprised :-)

After that night I desided that there would ever, never be any more puppies in my home, I thught I never would get thru one more round. How wrong was I? But thats another story.
Have a nice day.

Viran, her seven puppies and Sickan. Only one of them are alive today and that is Erna.

Teodor and tiredness.

Teodor is an orange cat and orange cats are a little bit differnt in their temper. I know this but now have I started to wonder, because he has started to chew on my dogs fleshbones?! Yesterday I started to wonder why one of the dogs started to snarrl in the hallway, so I wnt to check why. Teodor tries to take a fleshbone from him. But it was jealously guarded so he had to find another one. I don´t think that cats are constructed to chew om fleshbones, but Teo doesn´t seem understand that. Not even when he throw it all up on the computor room carpet. Now hes wondering around to find another one to chew on. He doesn´t get too little food, dont You belive that. It´s not just here at home he gets food, he begs for food on several places. Espesially on the farm next door. There he gets newly milked milk. That cat is acually getting fat.

We have a lot of iron in the our water. That showes clearly in some og the ditches and creeks. My pictures aren´t any good today. I must have done som wrong adjustments on my camera. Hope You can stand that today.

Naturally Teodor has to investigate the water. He has the same colour, so noone wolud see if hes fallen in to it :-)

I`m so strangley tired today. I have slept almost twelve hours on Saturday and Sunday night. Even so I was so tired this morning that I didn´t know what day it is today. It could be either Saturday, Sunday or Monday, but if it was Monday surley my boss would have phoned wondering where I was? We, my dogs and I, met the hunters on their way to their places, but it would have been to embarrising to aks them :-) But that helped me so much that I understood that it wasn´t Monday anyway. To check whith my mobile or computer never came to mind, not even to listen to the radio was something that I thought of. It was only when I came in to Falköping to buy some food and send a lettre that I understood that it was Sunday. I think that it was only me and four other persons out then :-) Any other day and there had been plenty of people around.

Bertil is more naturally camoflagde in his colours. If I didn´t know hw was standing there I wouldn´t have seen him.
This is not a day that invites You to stay outdoors. Sure theres no wind at all, but the sky is grey and the air is cold. The rain hangs in the air, but stays there at the moment. But the clouds goes so low that Mösseberg (a mountin nerby) is compleatly coverd whith them. Better then to stay indoors, start a fire in the stove, brewe a pot of tea and enjoy a good detectiv novel.
Have a nice day.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New mobilephone.

I have got my sister in laws old mobilephone this week. A really nice Sony Ericsson. Just about time, because my old one started to stop function on most of the buttons. To phone "the Bank on telephone" was anything but fun I can say. Sometimes it was dubbel presses on the button and sometimes no pressing at all :-) How many times are You allowed to print in the wrong social securitynumber and personal code until they throw You out? :-) But this telepohone is really good and I also got a cable to move my pictures from the phone to my computor, so that I dont have to mm:s them to my computor as I do now. Guess if my phone bill will sink drastically.

These are just pictures I took yhis morning to test the camera in the mobile.

But it´s really hard to get used to a new mobile! I´ve actually disliked my new mobile rather much uptil now. But after phoning Telia this morning, so they sent me new settings for sms and mms, are we good friends at last :-) I´ve tried all morning to send pictures and textmessenges to one of my aunts, but the mobile just refused to do it. Then I phoned Telia and my aunt got five messenges at once :-)
The camera is so much more advanced than that in my Nokia too. We are slowly getting along now to :-) In a few days it will be as natural to use this mobile as it was to use my old one. Only so much cheaper because of the cable that transmits my pictures to my computer.

It´s always fun to get Blogg mail! Usually they contains seedsof plants I´ve never tried before.

The Star of Advent is at the window. I hope I can get rid of some potplants so the candlestick comes up too.

I´ve got Bloggmail this week to :-) The containts were different seeds from Rosa. It will be exciting to se how successful I´ll be whith espesially the “Solanum quitoense” and the “Star of Yelta”. I´ve never tried any of them before. Outherwise nothing happens here. I`ve set the ”star of advent” now and that´s about what I can fit at the windows. Even though I dont have so many potplants anymore, there is just no place for an advent candelstick. But I´ll try to get some more potplants down in the cold cellar. Then I might get at least one candelstick at the window.
Have a nice day!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have been challanged again.

I´ve once again git the challange to write seven things about muself. They can be ordinary, strange or funny things. I think I can write sven more things about me. I should also send this challange to other people, but I think most of Yuo bloggers already have got it, so You who haven´t can take the challange if You want to.

1: I learned how to sail when my friend jumped of my boat when I was leaving the bridge. He told me to sail around in the harbour until he cam with his boat. After that I should sail after him, while he gave me instructions. I found an unmarked ground then :-) Otherwise he was the best teacher one could have.

2: I dont suffer from fear of conflict at all. But that doesn´t mean that I argue a lot at all. On the contrary.

3: I got a death freat at work once. There was a picture of me whith a headline on top. It said: “Time for the next execution” on it. The idiots didn´t realise what they had done until it was too late. I didn´t get afraid at all. I´m to much like my mother to be that :-) Infact, after we had talked we became the best of friends.

4: The first flowers I planted were Freesias. I must have been around four, five years old. They were great that year. I´ve never been successful whith them after that :-)

5: I have absolute order at my work. If someone borrows something from me and dont give it back or puts it at the wrong place I go nuts. I must find my tools directley when I need them. I have absolutely no order at home. I never find anything when I need it :-)

6: I get more gas in my stomac than there´s gas at the bottom of theNorth sea, if I eat more than one plum, one nektarin ore a few grapes. When in season I do eat a lot more :-)

7: I have, at several occations, ansverd the phone while sleeping. But to wakeup. Those I talked to says it has been funny conversations :-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A challange.

A couple of weeks ago I got a challenge from a bloggfriend. I should tell You seven things about myself. It can be ordinary, strange or funny things.
Lets see what I can tell You about me then:

1: They discovered me when my mother had a miscarrige whith my two-egg twin. Befor that she did not even know that she was pregnant :-)

2: When I did my military service, I was about nineteen years old, did I get a gigantic abcess just over the caudal vertebra. An interesting fakt in itselve. But what they took out in sergery was infakt the residues of what would have been my identical twin. Whith other words, I should really had become a triplet if everything had gone as it should. I dont know if the world could have managed that :-)

3: When I was young they wanted me to sing in the Cathedral boy´s choir. I can´t remember myself why I refused, but I´ve heard I did that because I wasent allowed to singing behind a pillar :-) Not the same personallity now as then. Nowdays I love to be seen and heard :-)

4: Swedish television followed me when I started my gardencenter. There were no problems being filmed, until I looked into the cameralens. Then it felt like I died inside. Suddenly I understood what I was doing :-) Two women followed me everywhere. They even succeded to get in to Volvo, despite filmingban (because a new motor was started to be built then). Rumers says that they even phoned the Vice president of Volvo to get permission. Everyone in Volvo Skövde new who I was after that :-)

5: I´m afraid of Stickinsects. I got one many years ago. It was only four centimeters long. It lived in a big empty aquarium. Suddenly it became over thirty centimeters long and got a millon kids. The whole appartement was filled by the little creatures. Thank Good for winter. Open windows for twentyfour houres killed everyone, including all pottplants. I have no problems to se them in a aquarium, but if they take them out I will leave :-)

6: Have a tendensy to fall of my bycicle when I´m out cykling. When I was young and cykled over 250 kilometers a week, did I fall of at least once a week. I have also a tendensy to tare of raer-view mirrors when I´m driving my car. Mostly when I revers :-)

7: I, like most of my family, am often lost when I´m driving. We have no sence of direktion. I can tell You that it doesn´t help that I have a roadmap printed 1963. There are villages in that map that doesn´t exist anymore. But I usually see a lot of Sweden while driving :-)
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just snow.

I hade to try three times befor I was able to get out from the garage this morning. It has come two decimeters whith snow here and there was also half a meter of snow after scraping the road just outside my garage. Since I didn´t want to shovel snow that early in the morning, I had to back out as fast as I could. I almost went down into the cattle egret on the first two tries, two mwters below :-) I should probably not have driven into the garage today, because there will be freezing rain tonight. Well the worst thing that can happen is that they have to pull my car upp tomorrow whith a tractor :-)

It´s easy to locate bigger villages just by looking at the night sky. This is the light from the village "Gudhem" (Good home if You translate it) that shows in the night sky.

I got a really good picture of the last shred of daylight. It´s possible to take fun pictures whith a mobilephone.
My car will get its wintertires tomorrow, not a day to early i can say. The place I´m leaving my car at, lies just some hundred meters from work. So I just leave it there when I´m going to work and pick it up when I´m going home. It can´t be more practical than that. We are planning the winterleave at work now. We must get all vacationdays and comphours together. So now I´m just longing to almost three weeks when I wont do anything else than be lazy and enjoy my self. It´s nice to spoil my dogs whith more time too. Because if I´m going to be honest, we spend more time avake at the job than we do at home every week.

The different rhododendrons has different ways to cope whith the cold weather. This Yakusimanumhybrids leafs reallr curls.

But this Catawbiensehybrid dont curl it leafs espesially much. This one is hardier than the one above

Talking about my dogs. We took a walk in the dark a moment ago. Desoipte of all snow it was pitch dark outside. It wasn´t a good idea to walk thru the cattle egret when I have a leg that doesn´t work properly. Sometimes i went thru snowdrifts that were half a meter high :-) But I can´t say that I didn´t enjoy it, even if it took half an hour longer than ususal :-) Guess whos going to sleep like a log tonight :-)
Have a nice day!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It wasn´t fun to drive home today. Not that I didnt want to, but it has been snowing so much today. At least ten centimeters had fallen down when I drove home and that since nine o clock this morning. But I drove home 45minutes earlier than normal, so that I could be in the middle of the road and have the same distans to both roadedges. When I looked at the weatherforcast early this morning, they said that only the eastcost should have snow today. Apparently Gothenburg (the biggest city on the westcoast) is located on the eastcoast nowdays, because I heard that it snowed there too :-) I will get my wintertires on Wednesday and then it will become warm again :-)

It´s white everywhere now. But on wednesday it will become warm again. Thats swedish winter.

I picked some seeds from my Lilium formosanum var. pricei this weekend. They were a little wet, so I sowed them immediately. I think their Swedish name is Little trombonelilly. It´s the only bulb I know that can bloom the same year that it´s sown. I will put them in my cold cellar so they dont germinate to soon, because they dont ned cold to germinate.

I have sown the seeds from the lilly and now I will put it in my cold cellar so it wont germinate to early. This link will show You how the lily looks:

The radiator in my bathroom is broken. If theres one place I really want it to be warm in, it´s in my bathroom, but not anymore. Sure theres plusdegrees in there and when it´s a fire in the stove it´s nice and comfortable. But I don´t long to take a shower there, after work, when it´s only thirteen degrees. So the first thing I have to do when I come home is to start a fire and then I write my blog so it can be nice and warm in there. Thank Good that the taxrefounds soon will come :-)
Have a nice day!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

How You think before and after moving to the countryside.

Have You ever thought of how different You look at things at different times in life? Like before You move to the countryside and after? This is about how I see it, befor and after

A small "Japanese raisintree". I´m not shure it´s hardy here, so it has to spend winter in my cold cellar.

For example roads:
That hole in the road has been there a couple of years now, but they who lives in the countryside are used to it and knows best where to drive elsewhere. They don´t have the same stress to do things here.
Oh its like driving on a washingboard on this gravelroad, but that doesn´t matter. What does it doe if the suspension has to work a little?

You do look at it in a different way when You live here in the countryside:
haven´t they fixed that bloody hole yet? Theres not a road around here whithout big holes in it. What if I´m thinking of something else one day and the tire goes down in it? Probably the bloody tire will bee torn of then!
When will they ever scrape this bloody gravelroad, my car shakes to peaces. Cant have much suspension left now!

A small Cornus that has to do the same the first winter here in "Little Sibiria".

Isn´t it funny how tourists just stops at this highway, throw themselves out of the car just to se that Crane? They should just know that theres a couple of thousands of them just some hundre meters further away. Just luck that they don´t get hit by any cars!

Those bloody idiots! Stop in the middle of the road just to look at a bloody Crane! Theres millions of them further away. I really should hit one of them whith the car, just so they learn!

This Cydonia has alredy been planted in my garden. Just hope it will be a mild winter.

Yes it´s long to the busstop and the busses don´t go too often. But here on the countyside they all think about that, so they always have cars that works.

Bloody car that wont start! 45 minutes walk to the busstop also. It will probably take an hour after I get there before the bloody bus goes anyway. Just as well taje the day of then. I wonder if I have comphours to take from?

Wild geraniums are like weeds sometime. The seeds start to germinate everywhere it falls. In this pot the original Begonia has died and the geranium has taken its place.

Yeah, it's a long distans to the store, but people plan so much better when they live here, so that´s not a problem. Theres only the gasstation that has opend at night and thats twenty kilometers away. But thats no problem, it´s so nice to see the surroundings one more time.

Shit! I don´t have ketchup ore tomatoe sauce to my bolognaise. Five minutes untill they close the store ten kilometers away. Twenty to the gasstation, that is expensive ketchup that. Further more, I´ll probably hit that bloody hole and rips of the tire on my way there. After that I probably hit a bloody German tourist, that has to see the bloody Cranes, at the same time. Nah, I´ll make hamburgers instead.
Have a nice day!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I really don´t like snow, but theres one advantage whith it. You can see the animaltracks so much better than usual. There weren´t a lot of them wondering around tonight, but I could see a few tracks anyway. Deer, hare, squirrel, black grouse (I think it was that anyway), some kind of mouse and fox was what I could discern. The fox had followed the haretracks in all its turns and jumps. Normally my dogs are blessed whtih joy when the first snow comes, but today it seemed like they didn´t care at all. My cats followed us on our walk and they didn´t like the snow either, but follow us on our walk, they would in any case.

An untouched layer of snow. The best place to see animaltracs.

Bertil had to come ofcourse, and his brother

Teodor too.

We went down to the river, that leads to the cranlake. When does a river becom a river and not beeing a creek? I would call this river a creek, because it´s not very big. Anyway, we went on the path that goes along with the river. It´s so peacefull in there and that path is a favourite in springtime. Anemones and violets bloom along the whole path. It also grows Solomons seal there nowdays. I discovered it last spring, wonder how it came there? Birddroppings perhaps?

But Teodor likes to sit on my shoukder and check the surroundings :-) Not to comfortable for me though :-)
The sun was shining and one could do nothing else than enjoy life. Once back I started a fire in the kitchen stove and brewed a pot of tea. Later in the afternoon came clouds and whith them a little more snow. Belive that we hade som plusdegrees in the afternoon as well.
Have a nice day.

The river, but You must agree whith me when I say it´s a creek?

The path isn´t big and sometimes it´s just centimeters from the river.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow and cramps.

I thought I had nothing to write about today, but heres somthing little anyway. It´s minus two and a half outside tonight and some snow have been falling. Not much, but its a thin layer. I know that many persons think its lighter outside at night when it has been snowing, but thats just the fact when some light is around. If theres clouds it´s just as dark as ever. I accually didn´t know that it had been snowing until I opend the doors for my cats.

The first snow this winter. I hope it wont stay long.
A little something happend when I went to the toilette earlier today. I calmly sat down on the seat when I suddenley got cramp in my left thigh. I stod up quikley to stretch my leg, but my feet have tangled in my underpants. While I´m trying to untangle my feet, that is not easy when you have cramp, I suddenly get cramp in my right leg. You can´t untangle your feet from your underware at the sane time as you got cramp in yor legs, so you fall down at the floor :-) No harm done to me, it was so much easier to get rid of my cramps when I was lying down anyway :-)
Have a nice day!
I´m going to translate some of may old stuff, from my Swedish blogg, now and again. If This not looks like the one You might have seen in the other blogg just go back one page!
I´ve resently read a book about the world famous dog Marley (Marley and me) and I once hade a dog much like him. Her name was Viran. A 35kilograms mixed breed. What people most remeber about her are that she seemed to bee everywere at the same time :-) Also that she had a hart bigger then the earth.


Everyone that have had a dog can tell you how special that dog was and that is true. Because every dog is special, just like we humans are. I can tell stories about every dog I´ve had and still have, but there is one dog that I can tell you very many stories. Her name was Viran and she was pretty big, energetic, happy and above it all very intelligent. She stole like a pickpocket and wanted to be the mother of all animal kids that she found. More than once she fetched little birds from the nests she found i bushes in the garden. If I didn´t find her in time, she almost killed the small birds by licking them. Then I had to chek from wich bush she fetched it from, to get a new one, stop her and put the first one back, then telling her not to do that again. If I had told her once that she musent do that, she never took another from that nest (didn´t stop her from doing it if she found another nest).

Viran in her prime days. She was a big, kind, happy and above all wery intelligent dog. She became thirteen years old and in the end totally senil. But she was always happy anyway :-

I didn´t have a dogyard when I moved to Vara and still worked in Gothenburg. So this lady and my other dog Sickan had to be in the house while I was working. For the most part, this was no problem. But sometimes Viran got her ideas and then I didn´t know what to see when I came home. I remember once when I came home late at night and saw light in the kitchen. I understod immediately why when I came into the kitchen. Viran had opend the refrigerator and eaten absolutely everything in it. The refrigerator had to work insanley all night and by the time I came home, given up totally. Lucky for mee I had another refrigerator, but the old one had to be driven to the dump. To make sure that she woldn´t open the new one, I tied a thick rope around it and felt pretty smart about myself :-) One week must have past when I saw the light in the kitchen again. Viran had finally understood that knotts culd be chewed. I had to buy a new refridgerator and once again drive to the dump with the broken one.

The Ratibida, Helianthus, Rudbeckia and Potentilla is blooming in my yellow flowerbed.

Once again I tied a big rope round and I did also put a heavy sofa in front of the door. I felt once again pretty smart :-) Must have passed a week or so when I came home from work late at night. But this time I wasn´t warned by a light.The smell of womits lay heavy in the house when I opend the door. The lady in question had chewed the rope, pulled the sofa away, eaten everything including the plastic around the food and then tipped the refridgerator on the side. All that food and plastic couldnt stay in the syomac ofcourse. She had thrown up it all all over the house. So once again I had to buy a new refridgerator and drive the old one to the dump.( It was no idea to try to get a new one whith the guarantee :-) ) Do I have to say that they started to look strangely at mee when I came to the dump? :-)

I had no pantry in the cottage I lived in at that time. So all dry goods had to be put on top of the dressers, where all my china stood, in the kitchen To reach it I had to stand on a chair and get what I wanted. Viran had been longing after all nice things I had there, but never understood how she to could get to it. Not until she understood that if I used a chair to get to it, so could she do the same. So one night, before I came home she tried it. She pushed a chair to the kitchenbench and jumpt up on it. Stod on her backlegs and ate everything she reached. Fifteen bagels, one kilo catfood, one packet of spaghetti, one packet of müsli, one kilo sugar and then spread a paket of flour over the entire kitchen :-) She couldnt keep all that in her stomac ofcourse, so once again I had to clean the whole bottomfloor. After that I made a dogyard :-)
Have a nice day!

The Autumnaster has small buds, but I don´t think it has time to flower this year.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The mulled wine incident :-)

The Wisteria should not even bee alive in my climat, but we have had two good wintwrs here now. I dont think it will ever bloom, but it´s alive!

It feels like this time of the year is just a long wait. At work you just wait for the brake too come. After that you just wait for the workingday to end. As soon as it does you just wait untill the workingweek will end and the weekend will start. Then that Advent and later Christmas must come. Wtith Christmas comming, so is the Christmas leave (I wont have too work for three whole weeks :-) ). It´s either too late or too early to do anything right now. It´s no idea to sow seeds right now. Those that has to be sown fresh has already been sown and it´s too early to sow the rest right now. Maybee I by a Helleborus (they are called “Christmas rose” in Sweden) or two, but it´s too early if I want it to bloom until Christmas, but to late to plant it in the garden (depending on where you live of course, but I dont think that it´s a good idea if it´s regulary minusdegress in the night).

I went home from work a bit early today, so I had a bit of daylight on my walk with my dogs.

I think it´s a little bit early to dekorate for Chritmas and listen to Christmascarrols too. I mean you´ll be sick of it long before Christmas comes then. I really don´t dekorate much anyway, theres no space for it here in the cottage. There are to many potplants on the windowdecks and the cottage is a bit small to have a Christmastree. I´m thinking af having an Araucaria on a table. But then it would be just a matter of time untill my cats and dogs will ruin it. If I know my dog Orvar he´ll probanly pee all over it, if it falls on the floor. Something you can start wtih now is the mulled wine :-) There is nothing wrong with a litte bit of warmth inside, when it´s so dark, damp and cold outside :-)

I have no new pictures to show, but this one cant be shown too often. Uvularia grandiflora. One of the swedish names is "Sorrowklock".

I remember one time, when I lived in Bjertorp, the cottage where I almost lost a finger when falling down the stairs. I had been at Systembolaget (the place you can buy alkoholic brews in Sweden) to buy some mulled wine for the weekend. There were loads of people and I didn´t know what kind I would buy. In front of mee there´s a stand with nonalcoholic mulled wine and I had read that they had done some really good sorts from white wine, so why not test one of them? I looked at all variants and took three bottles of a kind I never heard of. That evening it was dark and windy outside. I remember that I had bought a really good horrorbook that I wanted to read. I heated the first bottle and got surprised that it tasted so good. Not as sweet as the ordinare nonalcoholic sorts. The evening went on and the book was really good. Outside it was cold, so when the first bottle finished the second bottle was opend. My dogs slept on the floor and my cat was sleeping by my feet. The book was really interesting and suddenly it bekame night outside and even colder yet. So I started on the third bottle of mulled wine.

When midnight was long passed were the third bottle emptied since long, so I would just go up to my bedroom on the second floor. Suddenly the whole world started to move quickley as I rose from the sofa. In a moment I lay on the floor in a pile. Until then I had not felt a thing, but then I realised that I was really drunk :-) I tried to rise a couple of times, but the world just rotated to quikley for me. So there was only one thing to do, creep! I crept on all four thru the kitchen and to the stairs that led to my bedroom on the second floor. Remembering the fall down those stairs made me creep up on those too and that is not easy I can tell :-) Not even if you are sober :-) It was a tough night because every time I closed my eyes it felt like my bed floated uncontrollably thru the universe. I have to say that I felt insolently good when i woke upp next morning. I went down to look att the bottles. I dont know how theese bottles whith a lot of alcohol had been mixed whith the nonalcoholic, but nowdays I´m very careful when I buy mulled wine :-)
Have a nice day!