Monday, May 31, 2010


They say that we finally will get it a bit warmer here now. It´s about time I think. It´s been a long time since we had a May as cold as this one. But we´ve had a very long spring for once and it´s my favourite part of the year, so perhaps I would be happy about that instead of complaining :-)

But we´re going to get a rather terrible summer when it comes to mosquitoes and other blood sucking insects, because of all the rain we´ve had. The last five or six years the spring has been really dry and almost all insect larvae that lives in all the small ponds out on the bog has died. This year there´s not a chance that those small ponds will dry out fast enough to kill those terrible little animals. So if You think I complained much last year about them, this year will most certainly be worse :-) :-) :-)

Stawberry flowers.

We call these flowers for Squirrel berries. I wonder if they like them or if the berries kill the poor squirrels. It´s a relative to The lily of the vally and smell very nice. I´ll find the name for You till tomorrow.

It´s a terrible tick year too. Every morning I sit down on the floor and take some time with my dogs, talking, scratch them behind the ears and things like that. Now almost all time goes to get rid of all ticks I missed the night before. No tick has still bitten me though, but I have taken some while they were walking around on my arms. Nasty animals that!

Now it´s time for a cup of cocoa, I´ve forgotten to buy tea today. Then I´ll visit You on Your blogs!

Have a great day now!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

The crab apple tree is flowering this year. I call it the humming tree because it´s filled with thousands of bumblebees and solitary bees now.

I remember when fruit was a seasonal thing. Clementines could be bought around christmas and only then. First came the sorts with lots of seeds in them, then the sort called Satsumas and they were seedless and my favourites. Not because seeds disturbed me but for the taste. After that came the clementines from Morocco that sort of were a sort in between.

We throw our half eaten apples all around us and I´ve noticed that my county is filled with apple trees from our thrown apples :-)

The pines are also flowering now, lots of people will get allergick problems now.

Grapes and melons were avalible during summer and autumn. Mostly it was water melons but now and again some other sort came along. Peaches and nectarines came late summer. Apples oranges, lemons and bananas were all year around though.

Things like papaya, mango, lime and other tropical fruits was something one could read about and perhaps eat if one travelled abroad and most didn´t back then. I remember the first kiwi fruit I ever saw. It was my aunt that brought it to my grandmothers house so we all could taste it. We stared at it for a long time wondering if it really was edible. It´s hairy my grandmother said and poked at it :-) My aunt then told us that we had to peel it. Unfortunally the fruit wasn´t ripe and I think it was one of the most sour things I´ve ever tried. It took several years until I tried it again :-) :-) :-)

Bitter Vetchling, a perennial relative to the sweet pea.

Nowdays we get these different fruits all year long and have become a bit fussy to be honest. The fruit mustn´t be to young nor to old and that is my luck. I love bananas that has started to turn brownish in the skin, those bananas are almost impossible to sell. So when I come to the grocery store in Gudhem they always ask if I want those and also if I want some other fruits that has become a couple of seconds to old to sell. So at the moment I´m eating some clementines, bananas and a couple of apples They are perhaps not beautiful to look at, but taste soooo delicious :-) :-)

After my fruit eating I´ll make a pot of tea and then perhaps take a little nap :-)

Have a great day now!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Do You know that they now have managed to create life from scratch? They emptied a cell and kept the cell skin. After that they took the different kinds of DNA they wanted, put it together and put it inside the cell skin. After a while the cell started to split into more cells and a new bacteria was born. The scientist says this is just the beginning, soon they will be able to create anything they like.

He also says that there´s no risk in this, these creations will not be able to survive outside the laboratory. Soon they might be able to create bacteria that will produce fuels of different kinds. Is anyone more than I a bit sceptical to this and what he says? We all know that scientists like that usually make mistakes. Like for instance the corn that they made toxic towards a special insect that ate on it. Suddenly there were no insects at all in the areas they grew that special corn??!! The creators of this corn then said: We had no idea this could happen!

When someone crosses the line like this someone else will sooner or later abuse the idea and create much worse things. Some just thinks that everything is ok in love and war, isn´t it? I don´t like that some people likes to play Good either. We don´t have that much sense in our heads to manage that I´m afraid. But suddenly there´s no use being afraid of nuclear bombs any more, why use things like that when bacteria is as efficient but more silent :-) :-) :-)

I don´t know why but lately I´ve lost hope for humanity. I´ve always believed that we might fix it in the end, but that has changed. I´m not walking around depressed about it though. I just started to wonder one day what would come after us, because I didn´t believe we would last till the end of time as I always believed before. They say cockroaches will survive most anything, that would be a world worth seeing :-) :-) :-)

I promise that I´ll be more positive tomorrow and there after again :-)  It´s no use walking around thinking about the end of our time or what horrible creatures mankind will create to kill itself :-) Now it´s time for some breakfast and a pot of tea :-)

Have a great day, I will!

Friday, May 28, 2010

”If Grace is with You look into her memories, see the world we come from. There´s no green there, they killed their mother.”

This is a quote from the film Avatar. Jake, a marine and an avatar is asking the tree of souls for help telling how the humans have destroyed their world.

Lately I´ve started to wonder how close we might be to fulfill that destiny in our world. Oil is now floating around in the sensitive wetlands in the southern USA and more is out there in the ocean. BP hopes they have stopped the leak, but no one can be sure for yet another week. Do they know if this mud lid they have made will hold for any longer time either? They weren’t especially honest when they asked for the rights to drill after oil and they said that this could never happen.

If it would happen they would be way to far out into the ocean so the oil would never reach the shores. That wasn´t especially true, was it? This company of incompetence is lead by a Sweed by the way. His way of meeting the criticism is to be quiet most of the time.

But we are also cutting down the rainforest all over the world in a high speed. What most people doesn´t know is that most of the rain falling there comes from the trees, not from the outside as I think most of us believe. When the trees are gone, so is the most of the rain. Instead of a forest there will most likely be a savanna at best, but can also become a dessert as worst. All people living there then have to move away and where will they go? Up north where it still rains, but will we let them? The trees are also big users of carbon dioxide, the green house gas that helps the world to get warmer. When they are gone the levels of carbon dioxide will rise even higher.

When the rain stops falling farmers then starts to use the ground water much more. They have now big problems in India with that. What will they do when the ground water is gone? They are almost as many as the Chinese people. How is it with the ground water level in China?

It has also happened that nuclear power plants break down. First on Three miles Island, but they managed to stop that in time. They weren´t that lucky in Tjernobil. We still have high radiation levels in some parts of our country. The strange thing is that most animals live and thrive in the area where there are the highest radiation levels. They live, but humans and birds die there!?

But then I drive to work in the morning hearing cranes shouting and see deer’s and foxes run around in the fields. Calves slowly waking up and almost every morning I see a new born foul when passing a stud farm, barly being able to stand steady for the first time :-) Then all hope for us return, at least until the next catastrophe comes around the corner.

Have a great day now!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

No photo´s yet.

That I´ll figure out tonight I hope. But I´ve managed to pay my bills via the computor again anyway. I´ve gotten a new security thingy and it didn´t work the same as the old one. Today´s been a day without either rain or thunder so I had to mowe the lawn when we came home from our little walk in the forest. I can tell You all already now that it will be a terrible mosquito year this year and there will also be even more of those other blood sucking flies. There are plenty of bigger or smaller ponds in the bog this year and I´m afraid they won´t dry out anytime soon.

I have around 200 photo´s to download now and much has happened in nature during these days when I haven´t been able to get out on the net. So now I´ll leave You all to try to get the photo´s in to the computor (and find them again, thats the thing I worry about :-) :-)  ). I´ve already a cup of tea beside me and ifit gets to frustrating I can start killing the fly that really annoyes me already now :-)
Have a great day now!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I´m back more or less :-)

Well, the new computor is here and we both hate each other at the moment :-) It has taken me one hour to get started and several phonecalls to my phone company. But now I´m here again. It will, with a bit of luck be a blogg tomorrow if God wants and I have the luck on my side :-)
Take care now!

Monday, May 24, 2010

An update.

I phoned my phone company last friday and they told me that they just were sending me my new computor, so with a bit of luck it will arrive early this week. We´ve hade thunderstorms almost all days since my computor got hit, so I would most probably not have been able to post anything anyway :-)

The only thing that got destroyed in my old computor was the internet part. Strangly enough the modem is ok, but the tecnology inside the old one is fried :-) So I still have my DVD player and everything else going. Now I´ll have to start working I´m afraid.
Have a great day and take care!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lightning struck!

Last night around 4 am the lightning went through my computor, so now I can´t rech the internet (the rest works good strange enough) But a new computor is on its way (even if it is 16 days late by now!!!), so as soon as it arrives I´ll start writing again. I came early to work today to be able to tell You this so You dosesn´t wonder what has happened with me.
Joyce! It has arrived and I´ll pick it up after work today!

Take care You all and seeYou soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It´s getting greener :-)

It´s been a cloudy and rainy day today. Scince it also was fairly warm it was like working in a steam bath :-) I got much the same feeling when my dogs and I took our walk when I got home. But birds was singing and all smells were so strong that it was a joy to walk there.

My favourite peninsula out into the bog has unfortunally also become the favourite place for a couple of moose. It´s a cow and her calf from last year. The moose cow is trying to get rid of the old one since there´s a new one on the way, so she´s a bit irritated as it is. When the new calf comes she will become dangerous, especially towarsd humans and dogs.

Soon the white flowering period starts out in the forest. This is cherry flowerbuds.

Just a couple of days ago they had to shoot a moose cow and her newly born calf since the moose cow attacked a lady that was out walking and injured her badly. They tried everything to make the moose walk away, but she refused. She also did her best attacking the personel that came with the ambulance to get the injured lady. So now I have to make a lot of noice when walking out there or not walk there at all. It´ll most probably be the latter.

Bird-cherry tree. If one is lucky the flowers smells wonderful, but mostly it smells like cat pee.

Sloe bush. Gets berries that tastes awful until they are hit by two days of frost. After that one can make the most wonderful lemonade (or liqueur if You like that). They belive this is one of the ancestors to the european plum.
The forest has changed a lot since lots of spruces and pines has been cut down or fallen in storms. As You know by now I don´t like it when they cut down the forest. But now lots of deciduous trees has migrated to the forest and more will be planted (like oak, beech and cherries) and with them lots more animals and herbs. A spruce and pine forest is poor with different species in comparence so that is an improvement (unfortunally also ticks will benefit from this).

The flowers on the Sloe bush.

For us that loves gardening but lives in a place with rather hard climate for most garden plants this is great. I´ve already seen some bushes that I will (with the landowners permission naturally) take some cuttings from. If I´m lucky I´ll perhaps find some with different shapes on the leafs or with a bit different color on the leafs. By the way, if You have some cuttings that simply refuses to get roots, there is one thing You can try.

This clematis that I´ve sown myself (and calls Tove after a friend that isn´t with us any more) starts with green flowers that slowly turns white.

Cut some branches from a willow (any species in the family Salix will do) cut them in 10cm (4 inches) and put them in water. If You prefere to have cuttings in water to get roots put the cutting in the same place as the willow branches. If You like me wants to put the cuttings in soil let the willow cuttings get some roots and water with that water they stand in. Willows produces a hormone that stimulates the making of roots and the water gets full of it. When the roots on the willows has become an inch or so throw them away and start with new ones. I think it´s a better way than to buy chemically manufactured hormones that can cause troubles in the nature (and it´s cheap too!)

Well it´s time for a cup of tea and then I´ll read all Your blogs!
Have a great day now!