Sunday, December 21, 2008

It was accully sunny here almost the whole day today! Can´t remember when that happend the last time. Unfortynally there were hunters in the woods today so I couldn´t walk around at my favourite placaes. They were hunting the smallest species of deer and I can´t understand why. There are only a few left in these surroundings, so I think it would be beter to let them be for the time being. I´m not against hunting but if there´s only a few of them left it´s better to let them live. If there gone they probably wont come back due to lynx and occasionally wolfs that may be in our area.

The sun is comming up behind mount Mösseberg around nine. At eight it´s still almost pitch black outside. But today is the darkest day of the year, now it can only be lighter every day :-)

The cheese we got from work as Christmaspresent was a big dissapointment. I has no taste what so ever! I think one would get more taste out of wet toiletpaper. Thinking of giving it to the birds as food for the winter. Better than throw it away in the garbage anyway. I tried to take pictures of the birds today, but my mobile phone camer isn´t good enough to do that. The birds became so small that they sort of dissapered in the picture. The aotufokus didn´t help either. It takes so long to decide vether it shall take a picture or not, that the birds are long gone when it finally decides to take it :-)

Teodor is like a little dog, follows me everywhere. But complaining all the time :-)

Today is the darkest day of the year! It wont be any darker now and we will notice the change in a few weeks. I´m glad that I don´t live further north, because then it would taks so much longer untill the light comes back.

I wonder why this birch is spit in half. It goes deep into the tree also.

Hector found an entrence to a mousehole. Of course he must investigate it to se if he could find its owner.

It has started to blow and rain again now. I´m a bit tired of that now.Better whith snow then I think. Toedor, my orange cat, followed us on our walk an hour ago. Beside complaining whit big majus all the time he repetedly ran five meters and threw himself on the back, waiting to be patted on the stomac :-) Didn´t matter that the raod was wet, so now I have a very dirty cat :-)
Hav a nice day!

This was the best picture I could get of the birds. But i´m going to get a better camera soon.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog and your little cat tales, No walk for me here too much snow coming down we ar going to get a blizzard I think. Stay warm and keep blogging.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I didn´t manage to get Teodor in to the house like I did his brother, outherwise they had both been going behind me complaining :-)