Saturday, October 31, 2009

I love these colorful mornings.

It´s a cold and silent morning. No wind and no sound. Not a bird, car or cow could be heard this morning. At least not until I came home when a flock of ravens flew over my head and made some noice.

The old ruin.

I love to walk around here feeling I´m the last human in the world :-) When I get that feeling I often wonder how long I would make it if I actully were the last man on this planet :-) I think I would make it rather good actully. I know how to grow food and I have an old book somewhere that shows how to make and use traps to get some wild animals. I actully think that I would enjoy it :-) :-)

Orvars paw print frozen in time.

But I must have at least one dog and one cat. That could be a problem, but perhaps I could tame a fox? People that have had a tame one says it´s something between a dog and a cat in behaviour, so then I would get two in the pakage of one :-) :-) I think I would have a badger too, they are really nice too they say :-)

I had already started a fire in the stove before going on our walk, so when we came back I started to make pancakes to breakfast. We europeans makes thin pancakes, but in general I think it´s much the same as the american ones. I made rather many because this is one of the few things I also give my dogs when making some. They get theirs without the raspberry jam though, that´s all mine :-)
Now it´s time to make a pot of tea and after that a nap I think.
Have a great day now, I will!

My breakfat. Pancakes with raspberry jam :-)

Friday, October 30, 2009

The heat from the stove is slowly rising from the kitchen up to the upper floor, firmly pushing the chillness of the day away out through the ventilation. On the tv the latest commercial for yet another Christmas concert is shown again and the heat makes me a bit sleepy.

The sun going down bwhind the trees makes it looks like there were a forestfire :-)
The sun might still be up, but that´s hard to see with all the dark clouds filling the sky. So there will be no moon or starshine this night, most lilky no mist either. I like mist, on the weekends. All other days it can stay away. Especially when it is freezing on the road too, but it´s sure much more exting to drive to work those mornings :-)

Today, after work, while I was away to Falköping to buy even more fire logs I also bought dog collars that flash in the dark. Only old Erna has had a collar before, so there were no problems putting one on her. But the two brothers were quite suspicious about getting something around their neck that wasn´t a leash. But after wearing them a short time they sort of looked proud having them on. But perhaps I´m wrong and it was a look of anxiety instead :-) But from this day I can finally see where they are during our dark evening walks.

Well it´s time for a pot of tea and those left over gingerbreads I have downstairs. I better put some more fire logs in the stove too. When that is done it´s SciFi friday on Tv six. I just love watching Eureka :-)
Have a great day now!

Despite snow, frost and icy cold days the violettes still are in bloom.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The mist moves in as soon as the sun goes down behind the forest.

If I understand things correctly it´s Halloween tomorrow. Since we really not celebrate that here and since they can´t decide what date it should be celebrated on it´s no big surprise that we seldome see any pumpkins in the stores over here. But today I finally found two and they were in so bad condition that it was no use buying them. They were small too, so even if one cut out a head on them, the candle inside would have to be so small that it would be impossible to see any light comming out from the pumpkin head. Well I am a gardener so I simply have tp grow some myself next year if I want some I think. Even if I don´t celebrate Halloween it can be nice to have a couple of shining pumpkin heads outside my entance door.

It´s not a good thing to be afraid of the dark and live out here near a bog :-) When the sun goes down all lights dissapere.

It´s real foggy here every night now, so it would give a prfect halloween feeling I think. Over here we have to wait until December thirteenth until we can celebrate anything. Then we celebrate Saint Lucia. Strange really that we do that since we mostly are Lutheran protestants. She is the only saint we celebrate at all. This year it´s on a Sunday so then I can get up early to see Lucia, all the mades, gnomes, gingerbread men and Saint Stefanus sing all their songs on tv. Then I´ll probably have some gingerbreads, suffron bunns and Julmust. I love when Lucia is on a weekend :-)

This picture is taken just before six pm.
Teodor is, like on the pictures below, sleeping in my favourite chair and my dogs in my bed keeping it warm and nice till I go to bed :-) Unfortunally they also fill my bed with sand and other things they have in their fur :-) :-)
Now it´s time for some gingerbreads and some hot tea :-)
Have a great day now!

Teodor or the orange danger ( he has a tendensy to walk just before my feet, so I almost fall every day) as I also call him, sleeps in my favourite chair every evening.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The mist is slowly comming in on the field.

There were no clouds in the sky when I came home so it was a bit lighter than yesterday. Clear sky usually means frost at night in autumn and the grass already sounded like it broke under my feet. We could see and hear different kinds of deers jumping away from us, but it was to darl to get any pictures on them.

I had to adjust the camera for late evening pictures many times to be able to take any at all.

The fire in my stove is now slowly rising up to the upper floor making me a bit tired. I´ve been eating some ginger breads and I´ve been drinking a small bottle of Julmust. I was going to take a pictures on the bottle, but forgot it before I finished it :-) But it has much the same color as Cola. When seeing a swedish word amongst all these english ones I realise that it must look rather fun in Your eyes :-) It must look rather strange when I write those three lettres we have in our alphabet, that You don´t have, Å,Ä,Ö. I´m not even sure if You see those lettres or if strange symbols turns up instead.

When the mist comes in like this from the bog, old folks in the village says that it is the Bog women that has started fires to keep warm :-)

If You ever have heard swedish, how does it sound to You? I´ve heard that english speaking people thinks it sounds as if we were sort of singing when we speak :-) Perhaps I shold make a little video where I say swedish words and then translate them to english? Or perhaps You comming with suggestions to what it might have been saying :-) :-) Or maybee just wright some here on the blog?

Finally we´re home after our walk.
Well now it´s time to read all Your blogs and then of to bed.
Have a great day now!

Monday, October 26, 2009

We changed to winter time (or normal time as the right name on it is), so now it´s almost dark when I get home. I had to adjust the settings on the camre for dark dawn pictures to get these first pictures.

I don´t know whay but I always a bit late on mondays. It started already when I got up this morning. I was wondering if I had gotten any new comments here on my blog, so I started the computor just to take a check. For some reason the internet connection didn´t work and I tried all ways I know to make it work. Finally it started and then I realised that I really should have been on my way to work a long time ago. So it had to be a fast breakfast and I hate that.

Now the Portal is wide open again.
At work I realised to late that I hadn´t ordered any lunch, we do that every morning from a restaurant close to the factory. So then I had to drive to the closest grocery store on my lunchbreak. I came back a bit late so I had to throw down the food to finish in time.
When it didn´t help to adjust the settings any more on the camrea I tried to use the flash. Well that didn´t go to well :-) :-)

Since we just changed to normal time again it´s already almost dark when I come home from work. Since it is so dark I feel a bit late again, even if I´m not. After a couple of minutes it´s impossible too see my dogs, black as they are :-) But I heard that one of them said hello to a neighbour that was out with her dogs too :-) I´m glad they all know my dogs are harmless, it can´t be fun meeting a big black dog in the middle of nowhere when it´s pitch black outside :-) Naturally we copuldn´t see any animals but I could hear some deers jumping away in to the forest.

This picture might look absolutly black, but it isn´t. Click on it to make it bigger and You´ll see something. I do hope it´s one of my dogs, because if it isn´t I have no idea what followed us on the walk :-) :-)

These two pictures is taken on my entrance.

Now I feel a bit late with this blog too. But I did pay my bills before starting here so that´s not so strange. Most people over here that has a computor pays their bills via the internet banks. Especially those living far out in the countrie side does it. Post offices and bank offices has been taken away from us out here, so this is our best option to be honest. Some bak offices we do have here doesn´t handle money any more either??!! They don´t want to be robbed You see. So it´s impossible to pay our bills there too :-)
Well it´s time to read all Your blogs now and after that I´ll be reading my first copy of National Geographic. I just started to subscribe on that paper and will get a digital weather station when I´ve payed that bill and that I did just minutes ago. I would have started a subscription anyway, but it doesn´t hurt to get something for doing so :-)
Have a great day now! I will!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We went out rather early today, before eventual hunters did :-)
This is Hector standing on the road.

We went out as soon as it got light enough this morning. At that moment the rain hadn´t started asi it rains now. I wanted to go down to the creek and then I have to pass the place hunters tends to stand at. They are quite lazy however so they didn´t arrive until we already had arrived home again. Yestarday we were out in the forest late afternoon and when we had reached far into the forest, just beside the bog, I suddenly heard a hunting dog barking. I´ve always wondered why thay can´t put up a sign when they are out hunting. Is it so difficult? I don´t want to disturb them when they are out there and I certanly don´t want to get shot either :-)

This is the creek but photographed upstreams, instead of downstreams like I usually do. I haven´t walked that way because it leads straight out to the bog. Perhaps I´ll walk that way when winter freezes the ground properly.

But here it´s downstreams as usual.
They say that we might get some sunshine sometime next week :-) Southwestern winds takes a lot of clouds and rain with them on their way over my little home. If it wasn´t for my dogs getting so muddy I really wouldn´t mind the rain at all. Those rainy days are perfect for fires in the stove and good books to read, eating gingerbread and drinking something we call Julmust. Julmust is a soda that I can´t give an english name, but for us it means Christmas is comming. This time of year not even CocaCola comes close to popularity in comaprense.

Old Erna.
I have filled all bird feeders for the day and thrown some seeds on the ground for the magpies. By doing so they stop pesting the smaller birds around the feeders because they are to big to reach the seeds in them.
As You surly know by now there´s a fire in the stove and a pot oif tea ready for me.
Have a great day now, I will!

Bertil the cat.