Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just waffle.

My brain doesn´t really work like I want it to do today. Sometimes I have a lot of fever and sometimes I have no fever at all. Sometimes I´m really tired and sometimes I´m even more tired :-) Yesterday for example, I wrote a really long story about when I was out sailing, I even translated it so I could get it intomy other blog. But when I read it is almost priggish and has a moral!! Nothing like that should come from me :-) Several times I have thought about what to write, just to have forgotten it when I sit down by the computer. Thank God that I at least can blame it on my cold this time :-)

The picture is a little to light. At that moment I couldn´t find the button to make it a little bit darker.
The fog slowley rolls over the medow. It didn´t go any thurther strangley enough. This picture is also a bit to light.

We have a new garbage can here in the village. It just stood there one day. None of us have received any explanation as to why either. But they still placed a plastic sack in the old one . But I saw that the plastic bag was gone today, so I guess I should now start using the new bin. I hope that anyway, because I have started to throw garbage in the new one :-) Would not surprise me if they now will raise the price too. How does it work whith Your garbage collection at Your place? Here they empty the garbagebins once a month. So there will be problems if You have a large family, especially with small children so that they have a lot of diapers that fills the bin. With me it is rarely even half full, so all around the surrounding know that they can fill my barrel the day before they empties our bins. That doesn´t matter to me, after all, I pay full price for my bin anyway.

Finally I found the right button, so that the picture is a littel bit darker. The area is full of these ditches, to get rid of the water in the marsh. I wounder if there would be a shallow lake here outherwise?

They had plowed the road again yesterday,. I don´t know why because it had not been snowing any more. It was below freezing this night, so the snowmuch hade frozen to ice. So when I backed the car out of the garage this morning it sounded as if the whole exhaust system were to rip off :-) The biggest lumps of ice-snow did not break, but scraped hard against the underside of the car. Gosh what that sounds bad :-)

Every hole and corner must be investigated on the road :-) The brothers stayed here a long time, what kind of animal could have been resting here? There were no tracs that revealed him anyway.

Bertil isn´t one to pose a longer time :-) He belives that if one can climb on anything, one must try.
The pictures today are from the walk with my dogs yesterday. I have to test the mobile camera :-) As usual my cats followed us on the walk and did it really well, but on the way home they were not satisfied any longer. They suddenly felt that the snow was too deep and too wet. They began to howl like two mad wolves until I got back, to fetch them and carried them most of the way home :-) Couldn't leave them there, given how many foxes that probably would had heard them. Otherwise, nothing really happens here in the village. Orvar is sneaking away from time to time as usual. Now one of the neighbors has started to get worried that he will be caught in the trap again :-) So when they know he is out on his own, they are watching carefully that he doesn´t go that way :-)
Have a nice day!


Roses and stuff said...

Oj, vad mycket snö ni har! -Vi har väl en si så där 1/2 mm.
Hos oss tömmer de soporna var fjortonde dag - och jag tackar gudarna för mina komposter. Vet inte hur vi skulle gjort annars - man får ju så mycket förpackningar med sig hem när man handlar!
I morgon är det Blommig Fredag igen hos mig. Välkommen att vara med, om du har lust!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Här är det decimetertjockt, men jag tror att det regnar nu så det lär väl tunnas ut fort. Eller så fryser det till is i natt istället.

Ja utan komposter går det inte, funderar på att göra om min gamla soptunna till kompost också :-)

Får väl se om jag har något att bidra med på "Blommig fredag"