Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monsters and closets.

It´s minusdegrees outside again (centigrade), just when nearly all snow melted away. Could as well stayed then I think.I came to think of a small incident that happened when I was Seventeen-eighteen years old. It was one of those cold and dreary autumn Friday nights, just as sad as only they can be. I had just bought the book Cujo, it´s about a rabies infected dog that´s attacking his family, which of course is trapped in their car. Of course the car wont start :-) But there is also a small sidestory in the book. There´s a little boy in the city, that has a monster in his closet.

I hope You don´t mind ythat I´m showing pictures from the forest near by. There is nothing else to take photos of right now.

The dog with rabies, as I think is a huge St. Bernard, do not bother me much. Such things may happen and it is unfortunate for the family that they have such a large dog. But the monster in the closet bothers me all the more :-) The more often it shows up in the book, the more scared I get. I had my cat (which at that time was a cross-eyed cat named Jonte. He could run straight into the wall sometimes, believe he had major problems with distance assessment) at my knees, a pot of tea beside the bed. Moreover, all the lights were out in the whole apartment, so it was just a small bed lamp beside me who gave some little light. It blew and it rained outdoors and the book became even worse. Then I suddenly heard a sharp bang in the apartment.

I was so scared that I almost wet myself :-) First I just sat quietly to hear after more strange sounds. Eventually, however, I dare ignite the light in the room. The door to my bedroom was closed towards the hallway, I put my ears against it and listens. No sound. Stands there for a while before I dare open the door, rushing out into the hall and turn on the lights there. Nothing. Continues out in the kitchen, which is located right next to the hallway, but there is noone either. I creep slowly past the bathroom into my livingroom. It takes a while before I find the light button and feels how the panic is on its way. Turns on the light, but nothing is there. Opens the door to the extra room. It is so small that one almost goes into the wall as soon as you open the door. But the big problem for me now is that there are two large closets. With the monster in the book in mind I wonder long whether it is worth opening the doors to them. cold sweat begins to flow across my forehead when I touch the wardrobe handles. But there is nothing, to my great relief

The same spot as the first picture. It doesn´t have the same feeling when there´s snow.
Then only the bathroom remains. I creep slowly to the door. Jonte that had followed me and obviously wondered what I was doing, now begins to mew. Cats tend to have a chilling role in Horror Films, and now he started to make my panic to arrive in full force. I lift him up in my arms and whispers: "Sorry, cat, rather you than me”. Opens the door and throws him inside. I close the door as fast as I can. There is no sound. It is absolutely still. So I slowley opens the door ajar and sees a cat who looks surprised at me. No one there either? But I see that there is a bag (The one You have your soap and toothpaste and such things in when You travel. I don´t know what is called in english) on the floor and next to it the hook it hung on. The hook has been glued on the wall right next to the toilettseat. The toilettseatlid was plastic and when the heavy travelbag (??) and hook fell down on the lid it worked as a drum :-)

In my defense I can say that I today never would sacrifice any of my pets to save myself :-) But I was young and more scared at the time. Have a nice day!


decareis said...

hehehehehe great story! glad that maturity brings wisdom! heheheehe
tadinho animals! heheheh
a question, you were alone in the apartment?

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Andrea!
I´m not sure I´m that much better nowdays :-) :-)

Yes all alone :-)

Have a great day now!