Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Only three days left.

It is starting to feel a bit slow now. Three days remain until the long holiday vacation is entering. Right now I feel I could sleep all that time :-) It will be so nice to be able to see daylight again on weekdays and not just on the weekends as now. A few days more it will get dark a little earlier, but soon it will turn again :-)

My Rhododendron catawbiense. I cut it down rather hard this summer, but new leawes came fast. Bit yellow though, wonder why.
It is during Christmas that I seriously start to look what to order for seeds. My favorite firm is "Gardens North" in Canada. They have for us quite a lot of unknown species, living in a climate similar to ours. But one thing to keep in mind is that their hardiness descriptions are opposite of ours. High for them is the same as the low for us. Gardens North is a company with good quality and they respond quickly to mail (unless it is seedpicking season of course) if you want to ask something.
But I did leave som parts so it can flower this spring.
Another company I like to buy from is "Plant World seeds" in England. They have begun to change a little bit of focus in its lineup against what they had before. Now they have a lot of vegetable seeds and even some shrub and tree seeds for sale. In addition to all their perennial seeds. The problem with them, for us in Sweden, is that their hardiness indications are customed to English south coast climate. So what is hardy for them doesn´t mean that it is so with us. Much looking at plant books therefore, if you do not know what kind of plant seeds You´re buying.
Have a nice day!

My newest flowerbed. The perennials and ferns is gone for the winter, but the Rhododendros are still looking good. Theese aren´t really hardy here, but if winter gets warm again they might make it.

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