Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I was feeling good in my leg today, I went away and bought asupport bandage for my knee that gets a lot of beating now when my hip goes down the drain. So I decided to take the long walk down to the creek. The moose hunting starts soon, so I woun´t go that way until the hunt is over. Hunters finds any reason why they didn´t get any moose this year and I woun´t give them the chance to blaim me :-) :-)

My dogs stayed on the road all the time, so I had no reason to shout to them like I do sometimes top warn the wild animals in the forest. The sun was shining and the wind was rather calm. One or two birds were singing and I could hear cranes shout from a big distance.

If You click to enlarge this picture it will become very big. I have changed the light and contrast so You can see the two moose calves. The original picture was so dark thet it was impossible to see them. The two calves are by the end of the road in this picture.

We followed the turn of the road and suddenly I saw them, two moose calves. There were no time to adjust the camera, because they saw me at the same time and started to run as soon as they dared. I think they were unsure of my dogs so they stood still for a couple of seconds.

Just when I had taken the picture I heard a car approaching rather fast, so I and my dogs went of the road and it was to late to take some more pictures. It was my neighbour on his way to put out some more apples to the wildlife. Since he also is one of the hunters here he was delighted to hear about what I´ve seen. He was also delighted over that my dogs stood still by my side as long as we saw the calves :-) I leashed my dogs until we had passed the place where the calves had stood. One never knows where mother moose is and I didn´t want a close encounter with her :-) :-) Angry mooses are dangerous.

I can´t find any english name for this mushroom unfortunally. But I can tell You that it is derlicious! It tastes much like the more common Chanterelle, if You know what kind of mushroom that is. These however were alredy attacked by different worms.

I was hoping that we would see them again on the other side of the forest, when we came out to the fields again, but a couple of neighbours were already walking there so the mooses stayed in the forest.

Diane, do You recognise this mushroom :-) The read toadstool.

Beautiful, but poisouness mushroom. The white spots are actully the rests of a skin that covers the mushroom when Young. If there comes heavy rains they might fall of.

I was so tired yesterday so I didn´t bother to start a fire in the stove, something I regretted this morning. The night wasn´t cloudy as I thought it would be, so we had frost this night. The ice on the car windows was like concrete so it was a bit difficult to scrape it of :-) There were no ice inside however :-) But it felt like that when I got up :-) :-) So i had to start my radiators so it was bareble to eat breakfast :-)

There´s no risk for that tomorrow morning. The fire is already started and the radiators are of again. I have no tea and no coffee at home, so I think I´ll do a cup of cocoa instead. That and a cheese sandwich is never wrong when the weather is cold outside.
Have a great day now!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The day has passed real fast and it was a joy to work. But now when I´ve come home I´m so tired that I have troubles keeping my eyes open :-) So I´ll just leave You with a bunch of pictures taken yesterday and today on our walks. Now I´ll try to get through Your blogs and then it´s time for bed I´m afraid :-)
Have a great day now!

It looks just like a little umbrella :-)

I find this kind of mushroom everyehere now. It grows on dead wood and is deadly if one eats it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It wasn´t the brightest of mornings today, not the warmest either but perfect for a morning walk with my dogs and Bertil the cat.

I woke up at five am this morning. I refused to get up even if it was impossible to fall asleep again. It´s kind of nice just lie there listening to the sounds around me. Old Erna slightly snoring, Hector sighing, because he knew I was awake and he really wanted to start the day :-) Orvar calmly breathing and the wind howling outside.

The natural pond still has some water so there might be some dragonflies next year.

A group of ravens (six, probably two parents and four yopunglings) flew over my head on the way home. Naturally the camera took its time to get started so I only cought on of them with my camera.

The forest hindered most of the wind, so it was quite pleasant to take our morning walk. I heard cranes shouting for a short time and saw them up in the air to far away to get a picture of them. Most of them has left us now, but there will surly come some late arrivals yet for some time. I also saw a family of ravens flying over me. They had a great time playing in the wind and for once no smaller birds tried to attack them :-)

I think this is as close that I get to the sun today :-)

The comming pictures comes from our afternoon walk yesterday. We walked to an island in the bog to where I know the safe way. Bogs can be a dangerous place to walk on if not knowing the safe ways.

We´ve had a rather pleasant autumn this far, but now temperatures will drop rather much. In a couple of days it´ll be only eleven degrees here ( fiftytwo F) so I bought rather a lot of fire logs to my stove at the same time I bought my rubber boots. So I wount have to start my electric radiators for yet a month I think. If I have a fire in the stove for a couple of hours my little cottage will be warm enough for twenty four hours :-)

The ferns really don´t get autumn colors, they sort of just looses all colors at once.

I wonder what lives down here. Two holes leads down into the ground. Perhaps a forest mouse family or a bank vole family lives here?

All the small birches on the bog has gotten yellow.

Well it´s time to vacuuming the floors again. I can´t for my life understand how much sand those dog of mine gets inside every day. Not to forget that old Erna sheds her fur again!! I don´t know how many times they have done that this year, but I´ve heard many dogowners saying the same thing, so I´m not allone with this at least :-) After that there will be a fire in the stove :-9
Have a great day now!

Bertil, the cat that behaves like a dog :-) He never misses to follow us on our walks.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finally my Hibiscus syriacus opened its buds and then it shows that it´s double! I didn´t want a double one! But it has at least the right color :-)

I managed to heat up my little cottage a bit to much last night. I still have 23C (73F) in the coolest place here :-) I don´t even dare to check how hot it is in my bedroom :-) I sleapt for over ten hours and that´s very unusual for me, but I still feel like taking a nap :-)

I wanted to walk by the fields this morning, the wind is strong and it feels like it blows through my head cleaning out a lot of dust :-)

This is one of the newer foxtraps they have bought. They catch foxes to see if they have gotten Sarcoptic mange (or fox mites), the foxes dies painfully if getting it. So if a fox gets in to the trap and are healthy they will soon be free again. This can easily get transferred to dogs too, but nowdays we have exelente medicine to treat that. This trap however has only cought two dogs, my neighbours small huntingdog and my Orvar :-) Orvar is actully a bit bigger than the trap, but he managed to squeeze in to it anyway :-) :-)
After that long sleep I felt like walking in the strong wind we have here today. It felt like the wind blew through my brain cleaning out a lot of dust that been there for a long time :-)Days like these I wish I lived close to the ocean. Few things are greater than to walk by the water when the winds are strong. To hear the roar from the waves and wind and to see the seagulls play way up in the air.

Well I might not have the roar from the ocean in my ears up here, but I have the roar of the winds blowing through the forest and I did see a bunch of Jackdaws playing in the winds :-)

Since very long ago I wanted to get a tattoo, but always chickened out before getting there :-) I sort of dreads the pain that comes with it :-) The funny thing is that I have a high pain threshold so it shouldn´t really bother me that much. I want some kind of dragon. I´m bourn in the year of the dragon and I learned that I am a wooden dragon according to chinese filosofy. I don´t think that seemes to be a good combination, to be a dragon and a wooden one. I mean, dragons spit fire and wood burns :-) :-) :-) Now I learned that my boss also wants a tattoo, he wants a Road runner. Well to be honest he wants a pinup, but his wife doesn´t allow that :-) :-) So now we have decided to go together. There´s a great tattoo studio rather close so now we only have to decide a day to go. But still we´re just talking about it, we have still a lot of time to chicken out :-) :-)

Home again and now some of the lilacs has also started to get autumn colors.
I think I´ll wait to start a fire in the stove today :-) But the wind i strong and the weather is cool, so maybe I´ll change my mind in an hour or two. But what ever else I´ll do today I´ll start with a pot of tea and then a small nap :-)
Have a great day now, I will!