Friday, December 12, 2008

All the snow that disappeared in the rain a few days ago, has now come back. Nearly twelve centimeters has fallen here in "Little Siberia". I quit already twelve thirty on Fridays so I have so much time to do things while there are still some daylight outside. Took a trip into Falkoping and bought some "Fire logs" as they are called. Pressed sawdust does not sell as good I think :-) So after a long walk with the dogs where they were running around like crazy and enjoyed the snow, I tool the time to learn the mobile camera again. So I hope you can stand pictures of forests with snow again, because it is the only thing available to take photos of here :-)
My little cottage embedded whith snow again.

But when we got home I lit a fire in the kitchen stove and began to bake bread. It takes a certain technique for baking bread in the wood-fired oven, so that the bread gets a fine surface and gets cooked inside. Too much heat and the surface is black, but the content is still dough. To little heat and the bread takes an eternal time to bake and will also be tough to eat. The trick is not to throw in more wood before the last log is just glowing bits. Usually I bake the bread into a clay pot.

Bread baked in wood-fired oven is always very juicier than in electric owens. All moisture will remain inside in the oven, because there is no ventilation hatch on the wood-fired stove, as it does on electric stoves. To bake them in a clay pots makes them even more juicier :-) Since it is Christmas now, I poured in a little ginger and cinnamon in the dough. Not too much, so it does not become a bun :-) And that it doesen´t taste disgusting whith what you put on it :-) Now the bread is done and has cooled a bit, so it will be sandwiches with beetroot sallad, Christmas ham, cheese, meatballs and maybe a little sausage :-) Have a nice day!

The bread is baked, now it´s going to ferment.

It didn´t ferment as good as I hoped. There´s plenty of room left in the pot.

Done, now I can start eating it.

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