Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The veterinarians inspection of the puppies.

In those days I had a Volvo 240 and I thought a lot about how I could have all the puppies with me in the car, so that they wouldn´t be everywhere at the same time. Finally I got me a huge cardboard box, in thick and solid board. It was of course impossible to get it through the doorway voluntarily, so I did everything that I could to squeeze it in. After that it wasn´t quite as stable anymore. In the bottom I had laid a thick layer with newsprint, in case there would happen a few accidents on the road. It was actually much easier to capture the puppies than I thought and after only a few minutes I was on my way. Because the box had high edges, I was not particularly worried that they would get out of it in any way. But “jee” what little puppies can do when they want to. Only after a few minutes was the first puppy over the edge. So the rest of the way I had to sit with my right arm in a tricky angle, to be able to have my hand down in the box. In an attempt to keep them calm.

Viran and the biggest puppie Orvar (not the one I have today though).

The little “angels” had , once we arrived at the veterinarian, with the help of sharp claws and teeth torn my arm bloody and managed to make the edges of the box quite wet with saliva. Moreover, only two puppies were still in it. One was at the floor between the two seats, two sat and peed on the back seat on each side of the box and the last two sat up on the shelf at the back window and pooped. I didn´t dare to have the windows opened, so it started to smell right bad inside the car. Only two remained in the box, my Erna and a puppy that I called Öivind (my current boys mother and father). Once in the parking lot I had to get the box out of the car, before the puppies understood that they were free to run away. That showed not to be any problem at all accually. The cardboardbox had become quite soaked as it had happened a lot of accidents in it :-) In those days the veterinary practice was in a small backyard. The sun shined in there all afternoon and there were no wind at all. In other words, an oven. But it was almost as bad inside at the reception. So I put the box with the puppies in the shade outside and waited for my turn.

In addition to all the others who waited were also a group with intellectual disabilities there, who had some form of training in a business next door. Everyone gathered at my puppies. After the first moment of patting were all back to their seats but two of them stayed. I do not remember their names and I have not recorded it in the diary either, but we can call them Eva and Pelle. Eva was the whole time shouting "Vaff" when she looked at the puppies, while Pelle was rampant and shining like the sun. A tutor then came and started talking to me. All the time Eva was more or less screaming VAFF.
- Hello. (VAFF) I think (VAFF) that (VAFF) Pelle would (VAFF) like to hold (VAFF) one of (VAFF) the puppies, may (VAFF) he do that? (VAFF) He loves animalkids (VAFF) and is very (VAFF) careful!
- Yes (VAFF) he can (VAFF) if he wants to (VAFF), I replied and lifted up one of the more longhaired puppie.
VAFF) (VAFF) (VAFF) (VAFF) (VAFF) (VAFF) (VAFF) (VAFF) (VAFF) (VAFF) I don´t think that Pelle could have looked happier, but when he held the puppy he actually could
- What (VAFF) says you (VAFF) Pelle? (VAFF) Is he (VAFF) nice? You like (VAFF) puppies (VAFF) don´t you? (VAFF)
Now the “vaffing” started become even more loud, so the supervisor turned to the girl instead.
- What (VAFF (VAFF)) say you (VAFF) Eva, do (VAFF) you want to patt (VAFF) the dog? VA ...She suddenly fell totally silent, and looked at him. After long hesitation, she stretched out a hand and touched gently at the puppy. A grimage of absolute disgust spread in her face before she turned and walked away to the others :-)

Very soon it became to hot in the backyard, so one of the animal caretakers said that I could go in to the veterinarian, because he was just finishing the examination of the dog he worked on at the moment. So there were no problems taking them in there. The bottom of the box fell right open when I lifted it. So three animal care takers and I ran around to catch all the puppies that understood that freedom was just around the corner. There were no problem whith running puppies in the examinationroom, but on the outside it was moore komplicated, and they really ran everywhere in there.

This is Öivind (later Maxi). he became, by accident, the father of my youngest dogs nowdays. A truly wonderful dog!

Then the diarrhea started. My Good what small puppies can pee and shit! In addition, they now start to eat it and pretty soon vomit it up all over the place. The veterinarian, who was the one that I called all night when they were born, just stood and laughed the whole time. I and the three caretakers were trying to wipe it up as best as we could. But once we had finished, they were just somewhere else and dropped even more. Öivind, the “angel” , then suddenly got a sneeze attack. So all the crap he had eaten now spread all over the walls also. Eventually it began to smell something incredibly bad in the little room, so the veterinarian suggested that we would ventilate. The windows opened and the oven heat from the back yard was entering the room! Then, I gave up. But as if by magic suddenly all the puppies fell asleep almost simultaneously. So while two animal caretakers showered floors and walls, the third taped my box together again.I do not think it could break after that, she knew how to deal with a tape reel :-)

My Erna, almost eleven years ago. Tody she´s almost deaf, can´t see much and has a lot of grey hairs :-)
There were no problems at all on the travel home, all slept as little angels all the way home. It still happens that we after eleven years, can roar with laughter at the time when I came to the veterinarian to inspect my puppies.
Have a nice day!

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