Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is more or less over for this time. My family is scattered all over the country and why risk ones life in the crazy Christmastraffic whith stressed people and slippery roads? So I spent Christmas eve with friends instead. I must have been nice this year because the Christmas gnome gave me a present :-) We all laughed at their Christmas tree, it was really ugly this year :-) Of course we watched Donald Ducks Christmas show also.

You must agree, this is an ugly Christmastree :-)

This is some of the films that wee see every Christmas and we´re not happy when they trie to change films :-)

The mouse from Cinderella.

The friendly bull Ferdinand.

We did get a white Christmas in the end. Not white by snow but by frost. It was -8 degrees (centigrade) when I woke up early Christmas day. It was a really nice walk, because the sun shined and the wind had taken some vacation. When we came home it went to check on my goldfishes. They live in a big plastic pot in my garden (made to have small trees in, but it workes perfekt as a rainbarrel too). There was an ice layer about 5cm thick, so I decided to take them in to my cold basement for the rest of winter. If the cold will continue, all water would turn into ice and the fishes would die. Perhaps You think it´s cruel to have them outside so long inte the winter? I would lika to say it´s on the contrary. The original goldfish is a coldwater fish and lives a longer and healthier life if they can have a cold winter. In tropical aquariums they seldom get very old. It´s a different thing with the ones whith long tail and round chubby bodies. The can´t stand cold at all. So now my goldfishes lives in a temporary home in my cold cellar.

This is the pot I have my goldfishes in every year, exept cold winters.

But now their in their temporary winterhome.

We did get a white Christmas, but wite of frost, not snow.

This, I think, is the rest of an old stable.

Today I had to buy dogfood and birdseeds so I went to the grosary stoore in Gudhem. They really have taken good care of the roads I can say. No ice at all, but on the other hand we did have some mist instead. Mist and minus degrees makes the trees beautiful!
Have a nice day!

Unfortunally there are a lot of houses just standing falling appart. This I think has no chance to be rescued.


woody said...

Another nice blog and the pictures are as usual GREAT it is so nice to share the scenes of your surrondings. The fish look quite content in their new quarters and should winter well. Sort of like going south for the winter.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Thank You! I only have a mobilephone camera, but I do my best with it.
Hope my fish can stand the white barrel they live in now. Usually they live in a blck one, but that one is not clean yet.
Thank You for reading my blogg!