Friday, December 19, 2008

Today was the last day of work before Christmas. At first they said that we weren´t going to do anything but clean the place. But in the end we worked as hard as usually :-) But at twelve o klock the owners gave us lunch a Christmasboard (like a smorgasboard but whith Christmasfood) was served. All important things were there and it was delicius! Our present this year was a big Christmascheese. A bit of a dissapiontment acculy, because we get a big box whith a lot of different cheeses and other food stuff. But the times are bad so i shoukd really be thankful that we got anything.

Hector and Orvar. Two brothers impossible to separate. They haven´t been separated more than a couple of hours and then they were misarable.

Their mother Erna. An old lady that rules over here sons whith an iron glove.

One of the old ditches that still works.

It´s hard to see, but under the grass there´s deep whith water. I noticed that the hard way :-)

When I came home I and the dogs took a long walk in the forest. There are traces of snow yet, but only small spots here and there. I was making quite a lot of noice because we werer walking in an area whith a lot of Mooses and Boars. None of them is fun to meet if one surprises them. Boars can attack if they fell cornerd or if one seperates the sow and her piglets. Mooses kan kick whith both front and rear legs. But whith a little bit of noice they dissapears long before one comes close to them. I saw some tracks though.

Most old ditches looks like this. Whith other words they don´t exist anymoore.

If You love Birches, Sweden is the country for You :-)

There are a lot of old roads and tracks one can walk on in the forest.

It´s a lot of water everywhere now because many of the old ditches are filled whith grass and other plants. So the water have no way to go. I´m not going out on the marsh because it can look as the ground is stabil. But it can be desiving. The grass can simpley grow on the roots of trees around. So if one is heavy enough one can go right thru it. Hopefully it´s not deep underneeth :-) So the pictures today are from our walk.
Have a nice day!

The sun is going down and my dogs and I are walking home again. It´s not even 03:00pm


Anonymous said...

Nice blog today enjoyed your walk in the woods.your dogs look nice are they black labs? Our dog murphy is black also but way smaller. Have a nice vacation and enjoy your cheese.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Black lab is one of the sorts in them.Erna got the puppies whith her brother (an accident and not good, but the vet said it was no danger whith the inbreeding so the puppies were allowed to live), so they´re all the same. Mostley there is New Foundland in them but also labrador, German shepperd, dalmation, border colie, staffordshire bullterrier and possible greyhound :-)