Friday, December 5, 2008

This I wrote the second week i July this summer.

A glorious first morning of my vacation. Awoke by my self as early as seven o klock, but doesn´t matter! The sun shined and a light breeze kept away most of the flies when we went on the walk and we ate wild raspberries along the way. Once returned, I went to bed and listened to "Ring, and we play"( a very popular radioshow in Sweden) It´s incredible how good you are when you lie there and listen to their questions. I would have had a whole host of map books and cd:s (they ask questions and if You answer correct You win cd:s and sometimes roadmaps). In fact, I once won a record myself in that program. Must be close to 26 years ago now, but that story is not for now. Tellemar (The radioshow host at that time. Everyone in Sweden knows who he is) was in any case very nice I can say :-) In the meantime, Teodor lied at my stomach and Bertil beside my armpit and slept.

The pictures showes some of my Epiphyllums. This one have no name but it´s an old variety.

My brother told me a story about how wrong it can be when you read a little wrong with the recipes when you make food. He took tablespoons of spices, when it would be teaspoons. Guess if they were burning inside when they finished eating :-) Then I remembered the time I and a couple of friends were making Christmas-sausage for the first time.


It was just before Christmas and we got the idea that we would do Christmas-sausage. The woman, we can call her for A had a recipe for a really good sausage. It was I, A and A's spouse T, that would make it. We started whith ten pounds of chopped beef, that they already had taken to their home. It is a heavy job to mix sausage batter by hand, but we battled on and had a really great time. But then we came to the potato flour. “A” thought it sounded a bit far with a whole package of potato flour, but because it said that in the recipthet it would be so, we poured the whole package into the sausage batter. After much mixing we tasted the mixture. The only thing that we could feel was the taste of potato flour, so we realized that we probably got a little too much of it. No problem said “T” who went off to their food store, as they had at the time, to get more. If I remember things right he took ten kilograms whith him to us. Of course we must mix long and well and our arms began to hurt rather much as I remember it :-)
Golden fleece. Smells wonderful of vanilla.

Once again we tasted the batter, same result! It tasted nothing but potato flour. No problem said “T” and went away to get some more. He took ten kg meat again which then had to be mixed down in the batter, now whith even more aching arms. So we tasted yet again on the mixture and now we felt as though we probably had enough meat in it. So we started to make the sausages. In the meantime, came and went several people who came up with comments about how we should have done from the beginning :-) In addition, people tend to say the most insinuaring comments during the sausage padding :-) So we cooked our first test sausage. The taste was probably quite okay, if we ignored the strong element of potato flour. But the consistency were impossible to ignore. If we tried, I think we could use part of the sausage to squash balls. It turned out afterwards that it would be a tablespoon of potato flour in the mixture, not a whol pakage :-) This event didn´t stop us from continuing to make sausages before Christmas, on the contrary! “A”, if you're reading this, please correct me if I do not remember everything right.
This is one of the funniest Christmas memories I have.
Have a nice day!

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