Monday, December 15, 2008

Still the cranes are shouting.

It´s dark already around 16:00 (04:00 pm) nowdays (the sun comes up around 08:00 am). I live in the southern parts of Sweden, so it could be worse. In the northern parts there´s no daylaight at all this time of year. One goes to work when it´s dark and comes home when it´s dark. No wonder we sweeds love summer so much because then it´s the opposit way :-)
Today You are going to read my fist blogg I made (I have had another blogg befor, but that was when I had my Gardencenter). This I wrote 2008-06-14.

This one we call "Cinnamon rose" Just because it has that colour on the bark.

Sometimes when you wake up really early and have a bedroom window open, you can hear something walk around in the garden. Normally one should perhaps be worried that it may be a person who wants no good or that it is the deer that want to eat what´s good. That´s not the case here. It´s only cranes walking around. They trudge around until they hear that I and the dogs starts to move around. Although I´m used to it nowdays, I am still surprised by the sharp shout they make when they are frighten. What they are doing here, I do not know. Because there are no trace of them afterward.

Rosa Multiflora. The Japanese klimbing rose. I know that this one is anything but wanted i many states in the U.S.A. Here the climat is to harsh for it to spread so enormusly.

The ordinary Dog-rose (Is it really called so in english? It was the only word that I got from Google translation.

One can see that it is slowly starting to move closer to the time when everything turns. The birds are singing still, but not with the same intensity and not quite as many of them either. The fox who usually plays with one of my dog (Hector) don´t show up so much anymore, guess that the fox has a hectic time now. Or perhaps it has been chased away by someone older fox who learned that one should not trust in dogs?

One of the ordinary paeonis. This one smells rather bad to be honest. But it´s beautiful.

One of my treepaeonis. This one changes apperens every year. One year it can be filld whith petals and the next have only one row of petals.
Where did spring go? The sudden heat did everything to bloom overnight. My dog-roses could be called "The Flower of the day" now. They open in the morning just to lose all the petals by the evening. The treepaeonis held a little bit longer, but already after one week they gave up. Right now it is an intermediate stage in my garden, some fragrance Peonies, and a nepeta, knights spurs and an iris are the only perennials that flowers . Otherwise, it´s my dog-roses and the Japanese climbing rose that keeps going.
Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is very nice and I like your flower pictures. Keep up the fine work and thanks for reading the Goodold Beans............

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Thank You! Yore blog is really good too. I´ll keep on reading it!