Monday, August 31, 2009

Back again.

I´ll start this blog by showing the early morning sky a couple of days ago. Can it be much more beautiful? All pictures gets bigger if You click on them.
It hasn´t happened especially much these last days. The weather has been very mixed all the time. Rather windy and some times rain and some times sun. But my cats tactics by running between my two doore, to see if the weather is better on the other side has payed of sometimes. A couple of times it has been sunny on one side of my little cottage and rain on the other :-) :-)

I´ve been so happy now since almost all flies are gone, especially those biting ones. So guess if I got surprised today when I and my dogs took a walk on the roads beside the forest. I was going to pick up something on the road and exaktly when I was bending forwards something stung me on my left buttock!!!
It did hurt so much that I at first thought it was a wasp stinging me. But I saw a big black fly, that might be a deer fly of some kind, a Chrysops, fly away from me. It did try to bite me one more time, but I think I might have hit it by swinging the leashes in the air. Even now,an hour after the bite it hurts :-) :-) :-)

The trees are now slowly getting autumn colors.

I found this mushroom in my garden. I think it´s deadly poisonous but isn´t it beautiful?

We had the classical "Finn struggle" this weekend. It´s a competition in athletics between Sweden and Finland that has been held since 1925 (well not every year since then, WW2 did stopp it). For us this is more important than any world cup. We might be useless compared to the rest of the world, that doesn´t matter as long as we beat the Finns :-) :-) They of course feels the same :-) :-) This competition is never about world records, it´s all about tactics. I can now proudly tell You that we whiped the floor with the Finns! :-) We won all four groups! Boys, girls, women and men (but the men competition was a close call). They will be difficult next year, thats for sure :-) :-)

Unfortunally this pictures didn´t become especially sharp, but I wanted to show one of our most poisonos spiders, The Cross Spider. A bite from it is much the same like a sting from a wasp. But to be honest, I´ve never heard anyone get bitten from one.
I hear that there are big fires in California now and the hurricane season has started around Florida. Before I followed this with some interest, but nowdays I follow it with consern for those I know are living in those places. Even if I haven´t met any of You living there I sort of feel I know You by Your blogs, so please take care and try too get away from danger as early as possible if danger approaches!
Have a great day now!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I love seing the sunrise in the morning. But now it´s a bit difficult because it goes up so late. I´m almost on my way to work then.

It feels like I´m showing the same mornings, trees and mushrooms every day now and there isn´t much happening either, so I think I´ll take a short blogg break until next monday. I will of course be reading Your blog and leave comments there every day. But I feel that I is comming down with a blog draught or somethinmg similar :-) :-)
So have some great days now and see You on Monday!

I showed You this old ruinn before and I can now tell You that it is an old barn. It also had place for four pigs.

But nowdays the inside is just a place to dump garbage. I don´t know why, but I would like to own this ruin :-) Clean up the mess and do something usefull with it.

Behind the ruin there used to be an old cottage. But this is all thats left from it.

A katydids I found beside the ruin. It´s about 6 cm (2 inches) long. If feeling threatened they can bite really hard.

A moth catepillar. It´s almost 9cm (3 inches) long.

It once stood a cottage here too. The only way to see that is because there grows a lot of Lilacs there (and my neighbour has told me that :-) ) I have walked around the village with my neighbour and she could point out over twenty places where there had been small cottages once.

They have started to cut down all treees and bushes along the ditches in the village. The ditches hasn´t really worked for a long time now, so it had to be done. But now birds will have problems finding new nesting places. More now than before since they have thinned out the forest so much.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It´s getting colder and colder here at nights now, so I´m not sure I´ll get red tomatoes on my bushes. I would like just a couple more days with sun and higher temperatures.

Many countries in the western part of the world got problems with the muslim countries when showing caricatyres of the profet Mohammed. Sweden on the other hand now has problems with Israel instead. One of our newspapers had an article, that actully is a very old story, about palestinians beliving that the Israel army stole internal organs from those palestinians killed by them. I think they brought it up because of the resent scandal with organ trade by, amongst others, jewish rabbins. The person writing the article didn´t say that this was true, just that the palestinians said so.

This is a relative or subspecies of the Red eldeberry. I bought the seeds by the name Sambucus ussuriensis, but I can´t find that name anywhere. Unlike the berries on the red eldeberry, these berries isn´t poisounes. The bush gets damaged by our winters and my lawn mower :-)

Finally someone has cut down all the grass on the "clean road". I think it´s my neighbour even if it´s not his grounds. I sometimes feel that I have shown what there is to see in my neigbourhood, so if Yoy recognise the sites You probably are right.

All hell broke loose when the Israeli governement found out about that article. They demanded that the swedish governement should condemn the article in public. Our governement then said that they would do no such thing, we have freedom of the press here, written down in our constitution. Our governement would brake the law by doing that. Unfortunally the israel governement and many of those living in that country can´t understand that at all, so now sweeds are called antisemitic in demonstrations down there.

But I don´t think it´s worse here than in any other place. The last war down there did however get most of the world against them, they did things not allowed in war. But we unfortunally forgets that the Hamas men, fully aware of what would happen, did run in to hospitals and schools to hide during battle. They didn´t hesitate to sacrifice their own to make a point. The fighting in that region is so old and dirty that it is impossible to say that any one is better than the other, or worse! But I have to say that the way the now are treating the palestinians looks very much like how they were treated when the nazis put jews in ghettos during the world war 2.

But normally we sweeds don´t make a lot of noice in the world :-) No one noticed us in the athletic world cup for instance :-) :-) Once a year we hand out the Nobel price and the Polar music prize. We do get noticed when our royal family visit some country too :-) many belive we make good watches and that polar bears walks around in our streets in winter :-) But no, the watches are made in Switzerland and no poarbears has ever walked in our streets.

It´s autumn but there is still no colors on the trees here, but we have mushrooms of different sorts. If You don´t like watching them, stop look on the pictures from now :-) :-)

Not only humans loves mushrooms, snails and slugs do too :-)
But there´s one thing most kids knows and that is absolutly true! Santa Claus, or as we call him "The Christmas gnome" lives in Lappland in Sweden :-) Many places and countries tries people to belive different, but they have only copies of the real one. Perhaps they are his brothers? The real one however lives here in Sweden :-)
Have a great day now!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I have sown this clematis, so it has no name. It has a rather nice scent that comes from one of its parents, Clematis coreana.

They said that it would be sunny all over the southern part of Sweden in the weatherforcast this morning. Once again they were wrong, it rains rather heavily outside now :-) :-) :-) But the day started at least sunny and I´m glad that I at least got some sunshine then :-)

I needed some things today so I went away to the supermarket in Skara. Normally I would go to our lokal store but once in a while it´s nice to go to a bigger place too. I also wanted to see if the new Harry Potter movie or Ice age 3 had come on DVD yet, but they didn´t have them anyway. I had also promised my self that I wouldn´t go inte the plant sektion. I have enough plants as it is.

Normally the cattle keeps its distance when I and my dogs takes our morning walk, but this morning they were a bit to curious and thay all started to walk towards us.
But of course I went in to that sektion and of course I bought a plant, a dwarf rhododendron. It costed only 69swedsih kronor (that would be around 9,6 US dollars). They had an offer that if one bought three plants a third would be for free. Naturally they only had one dwarf rhododendron left. Now I only have to find a place for it until I can put it by the pond in the future.

We have very much morning dew here in beginning of autumn. To walk in grass like this would be like walking in a lake :-) So early in the morning I prefere to walk on the growel raods.
I think it´s tomorrow that our swedish austronaut will go up in space once again! I wish I could follow. Since I was really little I have always been fascinated by the universe and what ever can be out there. I would love to go out and explour our solarsystem and even other systems, just to see what´s to be found. But it would probably be totally impossible to visit other places with life even if we could. We would perhaps have diseases that they never had and visa versa. We would most likely kill each other in a very peaceful way :-) :-) But it would have been nice to be able to go out there where no man gone before :-) But hey, I would be happy if I ever got to Brazil to see the rainforest before it dissaperes totally :-) That is most probably impossible too, since they are cutting it down faster and faster. Soon Brazil will be a dead desert if they don´t stop.

Spiderwebbs is easily seen with all the dew on them.

My webbmail doesn´t work and hasn´t done that since yesterday. It´s amazing how irritating that is :-) But I get a mail every time someone is commenting on any of my blogs or commenting something on facebook. Even if it isn´t any problem just to check things out by going there directly, this problems still irritates me. Well it´s a rich worlds problem really, but annoying anyway :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

This is the dwarf rhododendron I bought at the supermarket this morning. It´s a shame that there only were one left now when they are so cheap.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I woke up a bit to late to see any colors on the morning sky today. It was probably beautiful because we had a lot of fog here in the morning.

Now beginns the time when suddenly some people thinks that the cute kittens they got in the beginning of summer, suddenly isn´t that cute any more. So either they take the cat in to the car and drives away for some length and then throws the kitten out of the door or they just leave it at the summer cottage when going home for autumn. If they find the cat next time they visit the cottage they tell them selves that this is what the cat wants and that it can take care of it self. If they don´t find it they tell themselves that the cat has walked to another home to get adopted there?? !! It´s easy to lie to one self isn´t it?

The clouds lay thick around mount Mösseberg.

But the sun won and the fog clouds was driven away. Now on the other hand new clouds are comming from west, but the sun shines through them now and again.

Most cats doesn´t find a new home by them selves, they die! Either they are taken by a fox or other big enough animal or they are starving to death. If not diseases take them first of course. In any way they die they do it painfully and I think that people that does such a thing to an animal they once took care of should be treated the same way!

We can still find wild raspberiies out on the fields and in the forest. They don´t taste that delicious though.

You´ve seen these finger mushrooms before. But the older they get, the less fiery the colors get. But they are still rather beautiful I think.
I´ve already seen ads from animal rescue centres that they need emerency cat homes because they have no more space for the found cats. They say that we have over 100 000 stray cats in Sweden, half of them lives in the three big cities. I can´t for my life understand people doing something like that with their animals! At the same time I wonder why people doesn´t kastrates their pets to start with, when they know what most probably will happen when they sell (cheap) or give away a kitten in spring.

The geranium "Blekingeflickan" (or the girl from Blekinge, a southern county in Sweden) has started to flower again. Rain will unfortunally destroy the flowers quickly.

Echinops bannaticus, Blue Glow . Originally from southern Europe but can nowdays be found growing wild in Sweden. It has become a rather popular plant in the garden.

We sweeds always talks about how awful it is for the dogs in southern countries that has no homes and are running around to find food all the time, perhaps bringing diseases to humans. We always tell our selves that we are so much better here at home tapping our selves on the shoulder. Unfortunally that is a big lie! I know a person that works at a animal shelter and she told me that people nowdays treat our dogs like we treats our cats. Drive far away and throw the poor dog out in to the wildernes. Normally it´s a mixed breed that they have bought cheap somewhere and they don´t want to pay anything to get rid of it. Fortunally nowdays the price of mixed breeds have gone up rather much. They are usually healthier than the others because the lack of inbreeding that has been so popular with pedigree dogs. Everything to keep the bloodline.

The clematis 'Propertius' flowers all summer and a long time in to autumn. It has a rather nice but weak scent. One of its parents is Clematis coreana.

Sunflowers pop up here and there after all seeds we´ve given to the birds during winter. Otherwise they don´t grow in Europe.

My leaf cactus has opened one of its buds! They are so fantasticly beautiful! This one has a rather nice scent too! If anyone wants to know its name, I think I have it in the pot.
Well nowdays the Swedish kennel club don´t allow inbreeding any more and pedigree dogs will be healthy dogs once again.
Nowdays it has become very popular to adopt dogs from countries like Spain, Rumania or Greece. Perhaps nothing wrong with that really, but we do have dogs here in Sweden that needs homes too, to many dogs infact. One problem with adopting a dog from those countries is that not all of them takes care of the vet examination properly. In fact some doesn´t even do one. So nowdays we´ve gotten some dangerous diseases here that we didn´t have before. Make one wonder doesn´t it? Why go throough all the troubles getting a dog from far away, risking getting in a disease when we have more that enough dogs to take care of here?

I wanted to take a close up picture of Teodor and Bertil, they didn´t :-) That´s whay they look a bit angry :-)

Every time I was close to get a good picture Bertil turned his head :-) He wasn´t to happy about the flash getting of either :-)
This summer there was this person that stole animals and killed and mutelated them. After he done that he posted what he had done in his blog. Fourteen cats and one dog in Sweden and another four cats in another country. He also wrote letters to the owners telling them how he had done it! Now he´s arrested! he´s menatlly ill and he even wrote in his blog that he probably was totally insane liking what he was doing. The good thing is that he went to the police admitting what he had done by himself. If he ever gets out of either prison or psykriatisk care he most probably will have to leave the country I think, he is already heavily protected during court hearings. They say that most serial killers starts out this way!
Well it rains at the moment so I better make myself a pot of tea and then go out and scare the magipes from flying into mu kitchen :-) Now they have also found out that my pond probably is their own bathtub :-) :-)
Have a great day now!