Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It´s funny some times. My neighbour drove away ten minutes before me today, but we parked next to each other at the same time by the store where I buy fire logs to my stove . The funny thing is that we came from direktley opposit directions when we arrived :-) I bought some birdseeds and big fleshbones to my dogs. So now I have bits and pieces of bone all over my kitchen floor :-) It was on my way home I made the two small videos You can see below.
The old whitebeams finally fell after years of being attacked by the polyporus.

The cat Bertil followed us on our walk today. Suddenly he stopped to follow us, so I thought that he had turned home again. But suddenly we hear a high miaus a bit away. Orvar, who is much bigger than he´s smart, runs away to meet tha cat. He loves that cat and became so happy to find him that he started to jump. Unfortunally he also jumped all over the cat :-) He weighs about 40-45kg (think that´s about 100pound), so that was a little much for the poor cat. But he wasen´t injured by that, just a bit disheveled.

This old rest of a spruce have had theese polyporuses for many years now. I pick them from time to time because i like them as ornaments i my cottage.

On our walk I came to think about all the polyporus that grows on the trees. Did You know that these aren´t nor plants neither animals? They belong to a group for them selves. Anyway, we have had three big whitebeams in the forest for many years, but the two latest storms made them fall. They had been attacked by polyporus and that made them frail. Even though they no longer stand uppright, they still blossom every spring. That says a lot about old trees.
Be good!
I tyhink that theres two different species on this one. Because the big green one has never had any brown-red edge all years I´ve seen it.

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