Sunday, December 28, 2008

By the creek.

A new little video today. Unfotunally I can´t se the quality before I get it into the computer, so You have to bare the poor quality :-) I´ll learn how to take a video proper soon :-)

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Excellent video, Christer! I took that walk with you and almost felt the cold on my back though the scenery more than made up for the ice and minus temperature. Sad seeing deserted and degrading buildings that once were warm homes and lively barns. This, we see here, too, but on old once-upon-a-time productive farms that have absorbed those energies and covered them with overgrowth. You captured much on your walk and expressed it well. By the way, you speak very good English. Perhaps directly exposed to it on a frequent basis? And, with a hint of Scottish lyrical English? The Vikings are never far away, are they? I have such grand ancestral genes in my genome.
Anyway, I like your interesting video ... Mrs. BeanBlogger ...

woody said...

Mrs can sure put out the words but im here to say i liked your video too. Your surroundings sure look rural so much open land and a long view in all directions.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Mrs. Beanblogger.
Thank You for those words! I tried to tape the walk three times but always shut the camera down, until I realised that I pushed the wrong button all the time :-)
I think I can thank BBC prime for my english. I watched it much when I lived in Gothenburg. I looked att the morningshow every day and mimicked the way they spoke :-)
Yeah! We wikings are never far away :-)

Thank You! Yes this ir really a rural surrounding. In my village there are some farms with either milkingcows or other cattle. This area also have more horses then anywere else in Sweden. To move here was the best thing I´ve ever done :-)