Sunday, December 28, 2008

It´s going to be a cold night. Not a cloud in sight and that means cold at winter. It´s already minus eight degrees (centigrade) outside and it´s only early evening. Really lucky I got my goldfishes in to my cellar in time :-)

Isn´t it beautiful with the frost on the trees.

Last night something wondered around in my garden, probably some deers or perhaps a fox. Because when I let my dogs out for the last time yesterday they suddenly started to bark a lot and my cats ran inside the house in a hurry. It took some time to get the last dog inside the house again.

Here one can find cranes early mornings summer and spring. Today it´s only cows.

I had the idea to take some pictures by the lake where thw cranes stay every spring, but to my surprise there were alresdy a lot of persons teher taking pictures. They had big teleskope cameras, so it must have been smll birds far away they took photos of. I promise to take some pictures there the next time m going that way and also take pictures when the cranes have arrived. Outherwise I have done nothing special today, exept for the video in my earlier blogg this day.
Be good!

This is unfortunally not a rare sight in these sourrondings. Huses and other buildings are slowley falling apart.


Visiting Voyeur said...

Would it be gloating to say it is a mere 40 degrees F for me today. :) Glad to hear you got everyone in. I had to throw all of mine out this morning. It seems one of the neighborhood strays has tape worms and so we had to give them some medicine.

I love your pictures.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I´m a little bit jealous now :-) Now it´s even colder here -10 degrees C. Not fun when they get sick. Hope the medicine works all right!