Thursday, December 18, 2008

The northeastern is blowing tonight and that makes it almost impossible to ceep the warmth in the house. This house is extra isolated but that doesn´t help much or so it feels anyway. It´s over freezingpoint outside and it seemes we are going to get a green Christmas here in southern Sweden. But one never knows, they have had wrong many times in the weatherforcast this autumn. But at the moment I don´t care about the weather, I´m only caring about the three week long vacation I´m going to have :-)

Arisaema amurensis. The hardiest of the Arisaemas and one of the few we can grow outside in Sweden. All the flowers I showed yesterday and today are plants I have in my woodland.

A seedcataloug from the botanical garden of Gothenburg came today. It was filled whiyh exiting seedoffers and I´ve just browsed thru it. My special intrest is plants from northern America and eastern Asia. When it comes to trees I better look at Gardesns North, but they had seeds to a cypress from western North Amerika (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis) that I´m going to buy. Outhervise it´s mostley Trilliumseeds I want to buy. But Trilliums are a bit kranky and it can take a long time until they germinate. Perhaps I buy seeds from the Fawn Lily (Erythronium revolutum) a beautiful littele flower.

Soldanella alpina. Not the best of photos but they are really tiny. This one loves acid soil.

I´m feeling a bit sour in my throat today. So I´m getting a cold for the fith time this autumn/winter. Getting a bit boored whith that now. My joints are getting stale and painful also so it´s good that the vacation is comming now. I have Psoriasis arthritis and when that hits it´s kind of tough sometimes. But as long it doesn´t places it self in my spine it´s not that bad. There are things one can get that´s much worse.

Trillium erectum. So beautiful but unfortunally it wont show its flower unless one lifts it.

Now I´m going to put more wood in the fire, make a pot of Tea and then read thru the seedlist again :-)
Have a nice day!
Anemone ranunculoides. My absolute favourit amongs the anemones. Flowers early every spring.

I want to say hello to Alicemary also! Thanks for reading my blog!! I can´t see that You have one of Your own, but if You´re starting to wright one, please tell me!


Anonymous said...

Its fun to blog and you do it well again your flowers are great.We have only been a few years on the present lot of our home and so have not done any planting or land scapeing.The natural growth will do for now less work in our elder years you see.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Christer:
I have considered writing a blog but have been avoiding it although would probably do so if under a pseudonym because of feeling like a fish out of water. However,if I do decide to create a blog, you and several others would know that the writer was AliceMary.
Your Christmas in Sweden was delightful reading and similar to mine and now my families' here in Maine, not far from Canada.I will write to you about that, soon.
Hmmm, I think that I will produce a blog ... Take care, dear Swede,
AliceMary ...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I´m working on making may garden more easy to manage. Trees and bushes will have the majority of the space here. Pruning them isn´t really nessecery if You think of it.Like a very small forest :-)

AliceMary, looking forward to a comming blog then :-)