Sunday, December 7, 2008

It feels like I´m getting the hang of my mobilephonecamera now. But I wish that I could get rid of the autofokus because it takes so long for it to decide if it wants to take the picture. Here in the daker area by the river I think the weasles (but in this case the minks) lives.

When I and my dogs are taking our walk along the river, I always think about the wonderful childrens book "The wind in the willows." You know the one about Mr Rat and Mr Mole. I still remember, with joy, when I sat in front of the TV and listened to the story. I wrote listened, because it was only a man who read the text and the tv showed the paunted images. Do they show that still on TV or does it now have to be mass-produced Japanese cartoons. Where they always seemes to fight whith each other in one way or the another and where their eyes is covering half of their faces. It also seemes that they have to shout all the time? Is this how we perceive children? As big eyed, shouting fighters?

There hasn´t been this much water in the river for many years as I can recall. Sure one can imagine how Mr Rat and Mr Mole goes boating here a sunny day?

Nah it´s something else with Mr Rat and Mr Mole. They talk calmly all the time. Sure, it happens that they too must take up a fight against all the weasels. Yet in a relatively calm, quiet but yet exciting ways. Nerby our little river, who now actually makes reasons for the name because it´s very full of water now, one can find all those animals. Weasels may perhaps be replaced by minks, because I have never seen weasels here even if they are to be found. So when we go there and enjoy the day, I can in my mind see how Mr Rat and Mr Mole sits in Mr Rats boat and goes boating :-)

Here the river suddenly turns and get wider, but shallower.

Yet another turn and the river dissaperes in the fog.

Even in real life, I accually think that the fiscal story can match up really well. We have two castles here in the district. Mr Badger can then live in one of them and in the second Mr Toad can live. There are a lot of wild rumors about one of the castle owners, so if the roumors are true he is fit enough to be Mr Toad :-) Even the other characters Mr Rat, Mr Mole and all the weasels exists so the story fits well when it comes to our little community. Me then? Am I one of them? Well, it's probably me who is the narrator in this case :-)
Have a nice day!


decareis said...

With you telling stories of his childhood, I remembered to say that one of his first posts I saw (heard) hehehe I do not know where, of course not understand what you spoke, but his voice sounded great narrator of stories for children !
Have you thought about this possibility? You have good intonation! If there are no children nearby, could read books and write them to blind children.
I liked his voice and his intonation

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Andrea!
I always read books for my nieces and my nethew when they were´small children. They insited on me talking in different voices for every carachter :-) :-) It was really fun :-)
Have a great day now!