Friday, January 2, 2009

Yet a cold day.

The sun is rizing and the morning is cold.

Yet a nother day with sun and cold weather. Minus thirteen degrees (centigrade, plus nine degrees fahrenheit). No wind today either, so the walks with my dogs were truly enjoyable. I took the chans to get out to another island in the used to be lake or the bog as I now learned that it´s called. To get to the island i had to go over a pond that is about five meters broad at its most but perhaps fourty meters wide.

This is the pond I have to pass to get to the island.

I think this raod is made by the hunters in the area. Must have been a tractor because the pond is almost half a meter deep.

The ice on the pond were absolutely clear, so I saw that the ice was twenty centimeters thick (eight inches), no problems to walk there even if one weighs as much as I do :-) The little tiger Bertil followed us out to the island but he didn´t want to leave it at all. It took a long time until he bothered to find us again.

The little tiger Bertil followed us today to the island. He didn´t want to leave it though :-)

On our way back the old lady Erna captured a little shrew and started to eat it. She finally dropped it after lot of shouting from me. I have to shout loudley because she is almost totally death (and half blind too). Her two sons would never capture any other animal. They can´t even play with squeky toys, because they think they are hurting it when it squeeks :-) But I think that Bertil has started to admire her :-)
I found this dug square on the island. What is it do You think?

No wonder people saw a fairys before. It took some time until I understood that it was the sun making the bright spot on the tree :-)

I´m going to sow the first seeds for the year tomorrow. It´s a little lily, Lilium oxypetalum v. insigne. Have anyone of You that lily and can tell me something about it? Ayway outside it´s dark now, but every day is going to be a little bit longer now :-)
Be good!
The trees casts long shadows when the sun slowely goes down.

The sun is disappering behind the trees and yet another day is over.


HelenJ said...

Lovely photos as always...
Too bad I was working today - it was dark when I left and dark again when I got home. But now I can see what I missed during the day =) /Helen

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

was a fantastic day today! But now it´s getting cloudier and slightley warmer, only -6,5. Almost summer :-)

Anonymous said...

... I am delighted with your photo of the 'fairy tree'... You captured the light just right.
... Have a good day ...
AliceMary BeanBlogger ...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
I was really lucky that I walked that way at that moment. There´s a hole in the branches of the pines and spruces that stops the sunlight to get in to the trees behind. But the hole made it possible for the sun to make that spot of light :-) So now I know where the farys lives :-)