Sunday, January 25, 2009

It seemes I strained all my muscles in my back yesterday when I slipped on the ice outside my garage. I have no problems walking or sitting absolutely still, but otherwise.... Well it could have been much worse, so I´m not complaining. But I can´t work with this backpain, so tomorrow I´m home taking care of my back.

Once again it´s raining and on top of that foggy. Warm though, so it´s quite nice walking outside. The only thing that can be heard is a tractor fetching the white big plastic balls containing silage and in the forest a small bird that sounds like small bells of silver. I´ve never seen the little bird, but the sound of it is delightful.

Bjurums castle.

I went to the grosery store this morning and on the way home I drowe past the castle in Bjurum. Once uppon a time there was a littele village just beside the castle. But previos owner let it laps. But the new owner seemes to change that. Some of the houses has been renovated, lets hope he´ll continue with that. The proble is to make people to move in. The communications isn´t the best out here, so one really needs a car to live here and petrol is not cheap to be honest.

I call this "The portal". In the summer it feels like one is going through a gate when passing theese trees.

I baked a bred yesterday and I have to admit that it became really tasty with a hint of basil and rosemary in it. So now I´m going to make a pot of tea and make a sandwich with ham and cheese :-)
Have a really nice day now!


woody said...

Ah Crister you bake a fine loaf and always have nice pictures the portal is aptly named and and your woodland pictures place the viewer right there with you on your walks. So sorry about your back hope it heals fast. When I Googled Bjurums castle I found it had quite a history It is cool you have such places near your home.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I´m glad that You like my pictures!
Bjurums slott is quite beautiful, but there is another little castle just a couple of kilometers away that I like better, Dagsnäs slott.

I hope that my back will get back to normal in a few days using a heating pad. Strange though that I didn´t feel anything last night.

This bread became really tasty! Don´t need anything on it to eat it :-)

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Vilket bröd! Jag är djupt imponerad, är det surdeg? Det ser fantastiskt gott ut/ mvh Tyra

HelenJ said...

Brödet ser verkligen gott ut!
Hoppas din rygg blir bättre.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Tyra!
Så roligt att det tittar in någon ny här!

Nej det är inte surdeg, har lite svårt att lyckas med det tyvärr. Detta brödet är gjort på rågsikt. Som degvätska använde jag 0,5 liter vatten denna gången, men jag kan lika gärna använda filmjölk, yoghurt, kesella eller keso med mjölk.

Sedan har jag i ungefär en matsked med rosmarin och en halv matsked med basilika.

Jag lägger degen i ett lerkrus och bakar det i min vedeldade ugn. Men det blir lika gott i en vanlig elugn om man täpper till ventilationsluckan som brukar finnas uppe på spisen. Då stannar all fukt kvar i ugnen och brödet blir saftigt och gott :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Helen!
Brödet är så gott att man inte behöver något pålägg :-)
Får väl ta det lugnt några dagar, sen blir nog ryggen sitt gamla vanliga jag :-)