Saturday, January 10, 2009

A single cloud on the sky, painted pink by the sinking sun last evening.

The raods are shining with ice today, so we haven´t taken any longer walks today. The old lady has problems with her back and I with my joints so I didn´t think it would be a good idea to walk to much on the roads :-)

This day one could say that there was only a single cloud on the sky too, so much bigger though :-)

Even though it´s cloudy today, I still have the feeling of spring in the air and so does the birds. I sat and watched slalom on TV when I thought that I hears water flow somewhere. I turned the sound of and realised that it was the birds outside singing :-)

I think I could have used skates outside today. Here at least there were some grass to walk on.

Doesn´t the moss have a wonderful green colour?

Tomorrow it will rain they say. That will at least get the ice from the roads so we can take our longer walks again. Now I´m going to pop some popcorn and watch “Harry Potter and the filosofers (sorceres) stone on TV and yes my dogs are going to get some popcorn too :-)
Be good!
I can´t find the english name for this, but in swedish it´s called "lav". The moore you find these on trees and other places, the better the air is. They can´t stand pollution.


woody said...

As usual your pictures are so nice to see.And your word pictures a pleasure to read.Popcorn sounds a good idea I must get some next time i go to the store.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Thank You Woody!
Havet eaten popcorn for years, so I really enjoyed them today :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Christer! I had no idea you used to have a garden center. Your photos are wonderful and your writing just draws the viewer in. My husband and I have popcorn every night! It is less fattening than ice cream and cake...which we ate a long about a year ago! So glad you and Woody and Alice have become friends. What a fantastic life we all have...the fact that we can communicate from so far away! Thanks for you comments too on my new blueberry plains....Debbie

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Debbie!

Yes I had a small gardencenter for a while and it was the best job I have ever had, every day was fun. But financial it wasn´t fun at all :-) Almost went bankrupt. But with help from family,close friends and those I owed money I got through it really good :-)

The internet is really fantastic in that way that one can become friend with someone on the other side of the world!Your blog is really good, so I´ll continue to read and comment it!
Have a nice day!