Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I had to use my mobile phone camera if it would be any pictures when I came home, it´s better in taking pictures in the dark. here we are taking the evening walk out on the fields.

A couple of days ago I bought a pakage of ekologikal grown Cocktail or Cherry tomatoes (really small tomatoes) in the supermarket. It was a mix of different sorts. Orange, yellow, pink, red plumtomatoes, gren and red-striped, yellow pear-shaped and whit pearshaped tomatoes. Most of them taste really good, but I have never liked the white ones. They have a kind of insiped taste that I can´t stand. I haven´t bought any tomatoe seeds, so I´ve started to save some from theese little tomatoes.

Even thoug it´s dark one can take interesting pictures of the nature.
I can´t of course be sure that it will become the same sort when they get tomatoes, but it´s worth a trie anyway. The problem is that I don´t have a greenhouse here, but I´m thinking of buying old windows and build small wall greenhouses. Anything tor be able to grow my own tomatoes :-)
I think theese birches are really beautiful even without leafs. Sort of dramatic aren´t they?

It snowed last night again, but it melted away rather fast during the day unfortunally. I got aan award from HelenJ yesterday and now I´m supposed to give it to some other persons that whos bloggs I´m enjoying to read. I´m going to give ít to the four american bloggers that I follow every day. I give it to them because they allow me to follow them in their lives, have interesting ideas and thoughts and they inspire me in my daily life and to make my Blogg better. And I espesially like Mr Beanbloggers daily quotes :-) and his slide shows combined with exellent music! You who get this Award can send it to others bloggs (and name them in Your blogg and link to their bloggs) if You want to or do as I´ve done lately, just tell those whos bloggs You read that they all are worth it :-)

And so we´re home again. Now there´s a fire in the stowe and I´m enjoying a cup of tea :-)

Theese are the Bloggs I send the award to:
Good old beans.
Swaddel cottage.
Blueberry Plains.
Visiting Voyeur.

Have a really nice day now!


woody said...

WOW I got an award, many thanks Christer This is my first ever award since years ago when I was a BoyScout. :+} I will acknowledge this honor in a future blog as soon as I have figured out what to do with it. If anyone deserves an award you do for I have super enjoyed your blog. You will be first in those I award the award to. Thanks again.
PS your night pictures are real good especialy that beautiful blue sky.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Well You´re worth The award! I enjoy it every time i read it!

Anonymous said...

You take magnificent pictures, dear Christer! Beautiful sky color!
And those warming home-lights like welcoming campfires on a crispy, long night.You are so expressive - speaking eloquently through your camera. Mr. BeanBlogger has that ability, too.
Actually, so does Debbie and your other contacts. Good draws good.

Now, close to my heart and palate, TOMATOES! I love tomatoes and if I plant anything, even before flowers, it's those delicious fruits.
Oh, yes! my Swede, please build yourself a small wall greenhouse! You have a grand natural talent for growing plants, flowers, fruits, produce, herbs. Can grapes be grown where you are?
Debbie yearly grows a wonderful garden ... You must ask her to send you pictures - yes!

I've had the television on all day watching the inauguration of now President Barack Obama and I am filled with hope and respect and pride! Many, many years ago, I marched with Martin Luther King with my two youngest sons. Many, many years ago, I fought for Black Rights, equality and Freedoms and to witness the historical events of today is America at it's best; America the land of equality. America the land of the free as it was meant and created to be.
My heart overflows with pride and faith and love for my American sisters and brothers who voted for Barack Obama!
God bless us all, Christer!
God bless you!
Now you must make drafts of your greenhouse. It'll be a joy. Take care, AliceMary

Debbie said...

Thank you Christer for including me in your awards! That was very kind of you and your comments about Alice were right on the money! You already know her true spirit without ever meeting her....isn't that wonderful? Great night photos....good camera...keep up the great work...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
Thank You for Your kind words about my pictures!

Yes, I have to start making drafts of comming small greenhouses! Tomatoes is a necessery good!

The ordinary grapes can´t grow here, but there are a couple Estonian and Latvian sorts that is very hardy. I´m also testing an American grape here, Wild river or Frost grape. It probably grows wild around Your state. I sow it five years ago and it has had trouble growing here in the beginning. But last year it suddenly started to grow with rocket speed :-) I hope to get grapes in two or thre years. Gardens North has yet another grape from Your area that I´m wondering to order seeds from.

It must have been something very special to march and listening to Martin Luther King!! He´s someone I really admire!
Yes, God bless us all!
Enjoy the day now and take care!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Debbie!
You are worth the award! I have enjoyed Your blog from the start!
A few people can reach out to others without really meeting them in the real and I feel AliceMary is one of them :-)
Enjoy the day and ceep on blogging!

Visiting Voyeur said...

Thank you Christer for the nice award. It really made my day.

Love the nite pictures. I like taking photos at night because I think it adds some mystery.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi V.V. (can I write so? I mean so it doesn´t mean anything else than Visiting Voyeur. One never noes what a shortening of words suddenly then can change to something else :-) ).
You´re worth the award! It´s interesting to read Your point of vieuw in different subjects. You seeing it from an American point and m from an European/Swedish point.
Keep on blogging!