Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have two flies that have woken up from their winter rest. They are trying to get out through the window all day long. Normally I would do anything to get rid of them, but now they sort of remind me of summer, so I´m letting them be. Outside they would die instantly and that is normally the way I like flies to go :-) Living beside a bog and a lot of cattle gives a lot of flies in summer, but now they are just nice to listen to.

The fog is slowley mowing in over the field.

Theese old agricultural Implements have stod there for many years now. Will probaly never be used again, so now they´re a natural part of the landskape.

Bertil just had to walk on this frozen ditch :-) Teodor didn´t think the weather was good enough to take a walk in :-)
I went down to the creek this morning, to se if I could se where they are cutting down trees. Just as we reach the open fields the two machines broke through the woods. But it seemes they just are thinning the area, not cutting down all trees. But I´ll not be sure about that until Saturday when they don´t work there. Then I can take the old road to see it from the other side. I know thwt the owner is a responsibel land owner, so sometimes he just thinnings the forest.

The first machine broke out of the forest just as we reached the creek. This one is picking up the cutten wood that
this machine has left it. It does look as they just are thinning the forest.

The birds have finally found the tallow ball I hung beside the kitchen window. Unfortunally they all now have their backs towards me and tha camera :-) One picture a can show anyway. My back is much better now, so tomorrow I´ll get back to work again. I think one and a half day is a good start to check how good my back is.
I wish You all a pleasent day!

Instead of following the creek, we went into the woods they say the Red deer are hiding. I´ve never seen the Red deer but I´ve seen the Fallow deers a couple of times. In this wood area there also are a lot of moose and small deers. There were a lot of fresh moose droppings so we turned back after a while.

This is about two meters up in the air. Mooses do a lot of damage to the forest when they are hungry.

This is the back of a Talgoxe. They didn´t want to sit so I could take a good picture :-)


woody said...

Glad your back is better your pictures today are nice. Your bird there looks like what we call evening grosbeak. looks like your walk was nice today but there will be none of that for me. I will be inside and warm as i wait out the winter storm coming here.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

So there is going to be another storm at Yours! Yes, better to stay indoors then.

I looked up The Evening grosbeak and that is a beautiful bird! We have nothing quite like it here. Your everyday bird is exotic for us over here. I suppose thet it´s the same for You when You sees our birds.
Stay inside and keep warm!