Thursday, January 29, 2009

I took this picture and the two following yesterday evening.

Back to work today and there were no problems working. But now when I´m home I really feel my back. It´s stiff and has no will to cooperate with the rest of my body :-) I´m going to feel terrific tomorrow :-) But I think thet it actully is best for my back if I move as much as possible during the day.

Now it´s daylight almost until five pm and I thought i should take some pictures. But then I met a neighbour when she was walking her dogs, so no pictures from today. My neighbour has five small dogs of an African breed, Basenji. The really don´t bark. They sort of screams with a sound that reminds of whisteling and they yodel. Or that´s wat it´s called. It sounds more like a strange long burp :-) Basenlis are really energetic and seemes to jump around like a bounce ball. They are everywhere at the same time :-) That maces Orvar a bit nervous so he´s trying to hide behind me all the time :-) Can You see it? A 99pound dog hiding for happy 22 pound dogs :-) He actully likes them, but only one at a time. I´ll try to take a picture of those dogs next time I see them.

The roots on the aprikot seeds are long enough to manage to be sown in a pot now. The risk that they are going to rot is now minimal.

The aprikots that I took away the shell from the seeds and then put the seeds cold in the fridge was ready to be placed in pots today. All seven is okey, so it was just to place them in pots with soil and now the pots stands in the kitchen under a fluorescent. Now I have at least as many seeds in the fridge again. So if I´m lucky I´ll have fourteen small aprikots trees in a while. Perfekt gift to someone who loves gardening. But I´ll save some for my self of course.
Have a nice day now!

I´ve put the pots in plastic bags, because I´ve a tendensy to forget to water them :-)


woody said...

Good show on the apricot seeds hope your back heals faster than the grow:>]
Kinda late reading blogs today busy with snow and helpin Alice set up a blog.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Can imagine that there´s a lot of work with all that snow! Take it easy! Looking forward to AliceMarys blog :-)