Saturday, January 17, 2009

The light was fantastic this morning.

This morning would have been really nice if it wasen´t for the wind. It´s slowley changing from east and the sibiren tundra to south now. In winter one wants winds from the south or the west, because then it´s warmer winds. Northern and eastern winds here then means really cold weather. In summer one wants eastern or southern winds because that is warmer winds. Western and northern winds usually makes it colder and rainier here. Even if this cottage has additionel isolation its getting really cold when the winds come from Sibiria like it did last night.

The few days of warm weather made the ice melt on the creek.

Both Teodor and

We went down to the creek on our morningwalk. The forest stopped the wind a little, so there it was really nice to walk. The cats followed of course :-) They were really curios of the the ice on the creek. I tried to make them leave the ice, but cats are cats why listen to anyone else :-) I have realised that I need some kund of support when I´m taking pictures with this camera. The slightest shiver and the picture becomes a blur and it seemes thet my hands shiver a lot :-) I once found a stick in the forest, that looks just like a hiking pole. I could use that to stabilise the camera. I will probably have to use it soon anyway since my left hip is going down the drain so to speak.

Bertil were out on the ice, sometimes just by the edge just beside the water. I´m to heavy to fetch them so I was a bit worried sometimes.

Now it´s cold again and the ice is slowley conquering the water again.
The sun is shining outside, but I´m going to make some tea and watch cross country skiing on TV. That´s at least one sport sweeds still are good at, that and downhill/slalom. The men aren´t that good, but our women are in world class.
So have a nice day You all!

This picture must have been taken whithout me knowing it. But I think it was cool so I kept it.


Visiting Voyeur said...

I don't think cats listen to anyone either... Our cat Patches.. well let me just say that if he listens he definately doesn't care. He crawls up and naps where he wants and he leaves and goes where he wants as well.

Great pictures once again. I love the sunrise.

woody said...

Hi again from Maine in the USA a great picture heading on your blog today Swedish Sunrise I so enjoy those red skies in the morning and evening. Whats with the shaky hands and the bad hip a little arthritis?
Sorry for your discomfort but I guess it is one price we pay for aging.Those morning walks will help though to keep you nimble.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi VV!
Your absoluyely right, cats don´t care about what we say :-) Perhaps they are right to do so too :-)

Yes it was a fantastic morning sky today!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
The hip is defenetly bad because arthritis. Psoriasis, when going inside the body, attacks the cartilage (is that the right word? I mean the thing between the bones in the joints)so that it slowley brakes down. I already have an implant in my right hip.
The pain comes and goes, but as long it keeps away from the spine it´s ok.

The shaky hands I really dont know. They don´t shake much, but especially when I´m going to take a picture they start :-)

I do love the red mornings and also the red evenings, especially in wintertime.
Enjoy the day now!

Anonymous said...

Hi take very lovely pictures and your blogs are so interesting! I was talking to a friend the other day and telling her of your's and Woody's blog. She said she used to live in Sweden years and years ago and had a boyfriend named Christer!! How weird!? It must be a common name there like Chris? that what it stands for? Anyway....wonderful job on your blog...I truly enjoy it...debean

Anonymous said...

Hello, 'King of Siam' ...
Oh, my! Your picture of the red sky takes my breath away - It's my favorite sky - dawn or dusk! We have such photos taken of our sliver of sky above our land. So beautiful.
Teodor and Bertil arte so daring as our loved cats were. Several years ago, each one at seperate times got killed by weasels and it broke our hearts! We couldn't train them to be house-cats as they were as yours free and independant and could not stay at home. They would cry and cry untill let out and then would seek out adventures with daring and boldness. Now, no cats but do miss having one or two. But, we have 'Murphy' and keep her closeby when she goes out to attend to her necessities. She's a tough old girl and thinks she's the boss around here and shows no fear nor caution. What can we do, my friend, other than love and take good care of our furry companions. I like your pictures especially the ghostly one that looks like you have accidently caught ethereal dinosaurs and beings or are they sprites and spirits?
We expect a snowstorm to start up anytime now into and through tomorrow and early evening. Perhaps 10 inches to a foot of snow. At least no freezing cold 30 or more degrees below zero. Brrr!
Take care ... AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi debean!
The camera really helps getting good pictures.

Christer was most popular to be given as a name round 1950-1970. Before and after that it´s seldom used at all. Chris is usually a femal name (but very few have it here) here and rarely a shortening of Christer.

I´m glad that You like my blog!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
Yes is something special with a red sky and depending on were one lives it means different things. Here red sky in the morning means bad weather during the day, in evening good weather the next day. Well it was half deasent yesterday, so it was almost right then :-)

Think it would be impossible to have my cats as indoorcats too. But here the biggest problems for small cats are foxes. But on the other hand they only come close at night so then it´s best to get the cats indoors.

Sounds as Your Murphy and my Erna is very much alike :-)I don´t think I ever have seen her afraid for anything :-)

I think that accidental pictures has caught som spirits and sprites :-) I liked it so much so I saved it. Wonder when I took it though.

No snowstorm here, but it´s windy outside today. Even worse than yesterday I think. That and temperatures below freezingpoint is no good combination, so the morniungwalk is canceled at the moment. They all have to go in the garden instead.
Enjoy the day now!