Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is how it looked this morning. Not much snow but at least it´s snow and not rain.

There was i thin layer of snow outside when I woke up this morning and for once it didn´t melt away immediatly. The whol world changes when it comes a little bit of snow I think. So we took an early morning walk and everything was silent. At least at the beginning. Suddenly I could hear a car comming and short after that they started to chop down some part of the forrest.

I know that they have to do that sometimes, that´s why people own forrests but I´m not happy about it. Lets just hope it isn´t one of my favourite places to walk by at least. Last Year the did cut down the forest on some of my favourite places and in the beginning I thought it was terrible. But then I got uset to it and have to admit that it´s not that bad after all. The heavu spruce and pine forrest is more open and lets the sun shine all the way to the ground. Now there is a lot of deciduous shrubs and trees growing up instead. Unfortunally the owner is most likely to plant new pines and spruces, so I have to enjoy the area as it looks now as long as it´s possible.

Yesterday there wrere open puddles here but the nigt was a little bit cold, so now snow is covering them.

Normally I wouldn´t se this little tree, but the contrast between the almost black bark on the tree and the white snow made it visible to the eye.

It´s still to warm and to little snow for the birds to come to the feeders. They are all in my garden looking for small insekts that might live under the bark in the bushes and trees. They always spred the seeds from the feeder over the ground and now when they aren´t there i thought it might attract mouses and rats. But I can´t see any trases of those rodents yet. Perhaps the cat Bertil has frightened them away? He´s a master of catching them. Fortunally for me he eats them. Some cats have the idea thet they must show their owners how good they are, but not Bertil. I doubt that Teodor even consider to catch a mouse, why should he? He nows that there will be food for him inside :-)
Have a nice day now!


woody said...

What a peaceful place you live in the pictures you take on your walks shout of the silence and beauty of the forest and the country side.Hope you don't mind I am saving some of your photos to make a slide show. hope your back is healing well.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I´m honourd that You like my pictures so much!

I´m not sure if they are bringing another mashine to cut down more trees or if they are fetching the one that´s alredy here. The big lorry that came sort of got stuck up by my mailbox. It was so huge. Have to look tomorrow if we have any mailboxes left :-)

My back is much better now. I´ll be home tomorrow to, but then i´m going back to work again.
Have a nice day now!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same as you do about cutting the woods or forests even though the rationalization behind it may be very valid. Son, Joe, had to opened up the woods between his home and where he was going to put our trailer and understood and accepted, still it gave me 'sympathy pains'.
Now the land is responding and new growth can be seen reaching for the sunlight with out-stretched branches.
... Said a prayer for your sore back ... AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!

Yes one gest sympathy pains with the trees, even if one nows there soon will be new ones. I´m never going to see so old and big trees at that place again during my lifetime. They grow slowley here way up north.

My back is getting better, so thank You!