Friday, January 23, 2009

On my way to work this morning, the weather man on radio said that there were no chance of snow today. After that it snowed all morning :-) He must have read it wrong I belive :-) Because it´s Friday today, I stopped working already 12:30 and went to Falk√∂ping to buy some Fire logs. They are made of hard compressed sawdust, but today I also bought some firelogs made out of Hemp (not the sort that contains narcotic though :-) ). I belived they would be easier to put on fire, but how wrong I was. But when there is a fire burning they burn okey.

It snowed for hours today, but one can´t se much snow though.

Today I and my dogs followed the ditch that we found last week. Bit of a dissapointment actully. It´s only 100 meters long and starts at the bottom of a very small hill. Well there are plenty of more ditches to follow and who knows what we will find.

One can see that there is a lot of iron in the water. There are thick layers of rust on the bottom of the ditch.

Yesterday I wrote in my swedish blog how I sow kernels from aprikots/peaches/nectarines and it was really popular. So I thought I should do the same here. Nectarines can actully give fruite alredy after three years so it can be worth trying it.
Now comes the weekend. I´m going to enjoy it, hope You´ll do that too!
Be good!

This is apricot kernels that i have sown my way.
As You can see i´ve remowed the kernell shell. The seed inside must not be damaged in any way, because then it will start to rot. I´ve soaked a kitchen towel (the paper mustn´t be wet, just damp) and laid the seeds on it.

Fold the paper over the seeds and put the little packet in a plastic bag. Then place it in the refridgerator.

After a week or so You can check how it goes for the seeds. In this picture You can see that they have started to germinate.

When the little root has grown up to one centimeter it´s time to put it in soil. Be gentle, the little root mustn´t be damaged. Place the pot with the seed warm and light now.

This is an old picture and showes my now five year old nectarine. Nectarines and peaches can be planted outside the first year, but apricots are a little more sensitive the first year. So if You can, place them cold, but indoors the first winter.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! What a gifted gardener you are! Not just because of your relationship with the Nectarine seeds but because you have such a genuine affinity, an intimacy, with all your plantings. It uplifts and impresses me to see your deep respect for all life on our planet and especially so of that which contributes to sustaining our bodies and also flowers and plants which give us esthetic pleasure.
Thank you for being you, Christer ... AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Thank You AliceMary!
I try as best as I can.