Friday, January 16, 2009

On Fridays workingdays always end at 12:30. It´s perfekt because then I can do my weekly shopping before every one else and there´s almost no one in the shops. Today I also bought a ‘Multi card reader’. I need it to get the pictures out of the camera I got from my sister in law this week. She has bought a new one, so her old came to me :-) I also got her old mobilephone when she got another to her self (I´m spoiled I know :-) )

My first picture with my new camera!

I miss my old fashioned camera, You know the ones that aren´t digital. But if I want to use that I can´t show pictures from the actual day. And it really has to be cleaned too. Four yers of standing in the greehouses weren´t good to it :-) But I think that I can be friend to this camera too. I can deside a lot of how the picture is going to look even if it has full automatic if I want to. The only problem that I noticed yet is that I have to have the camera absolutely still, outherwise the picture is a messy blur.

Where the sun has reached during the day, the ice hasn´t frozen completely over the little creek.

This small the picture actuly looks rather good. But if You clikck on it and get it bigger You can see that my hands shook a little.

I´m just about to walk out on the bog here. Thought I maybe should walk out to one of the iskllands out there. But the sun was sinking fast so I turned back again. Tomorrow maybe.

The ice on the bog is really thick, so there are no problems to walk there now. But out there one looses the sence of directions. If it had not been for the trafficnoice I´m not sure if I would known what way I came. But with my dogs there I know that I´ll come home soner or later :-)

It´s rather cold outside today, but nothing compared to what You that lives in Main have. To be honest it feels much colder than it is, even if there´s no wind at all. But now there´s a fire in the stowe so it´s warm indoors at least. The first week after the vacation is done and I´m going to relax the whole wekend. Perhaps I can get some pictures of the birds when they are feeding outside my window. This camera is able to do that. Now it´s up to mee if they will be good enough :-)
Be good!

Half way home the sun dissapred behind heavy clouds. We might get snow here tonight or early tomorow morning.


woody said...

Wow really nice pictures that must be a good camera what is the make and model of it.The photos when enlarged show so much detail it is good for close up. The week passed quickly for you back at work? That is good so now enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful detail and resolution in your pictures! Enlargements pull the viewer in instead of pressing against them. You are an excellent photographer and now with sister's camera, more detail and enhanced color.
And, a mobile phone? Have you engaged it yet?
Yes, thank you, sister and, no, you are not spoiled.Can we see a picture of her?
( I guess that she probably wouldn't consent to that, right?)
Anyway, we viewers of your Blog appreciate your pictures and text and learning about you and Sweden.

Well done, Christer!
Take care ... AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
The camera is a Sanyo xacti and I think that I and the camera can be good friends :-) I think I can make videos with it too.

But The picture is bigger than my screen (when klicking on it), so I think I must make them a little bit smaller befor putting them in the blog.

I was surprised over howfast this week went by. Thought it would be worse actuly. But now I´m going to relax the whole weekend and don´t do anything that isn´t fun :-)
have a nice evening now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
No I don´t think that my sister in law would want a picture of her in my blog :-)

I think that it´s a really good camera , at least when I figured out how it works :-) There were no manual with it when it came by mail.

I´m glad that You like my pictures! Thank You!
have a nice evening now!