Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another beautiful morning here by the Cranelake. Once again the cold weather is on a visit. But already tomorrow warm winds will come to our shores.

I have absolutely nothing to write about today. Haven´t done much to be honest, but i took a walk a little bit thurther out on the fields than usual even though it was both windy and cold. My dogs and I found a new creek there. Creek is perhaps not the right word nowdays, it´s more a very deep ditch to be honest. The area is very weat so if they hadn´t dug it, it would be impossible to go there at all.

The beautiful frost that has covered the trees for a couple of weeks has dissapered after one day of warm weather.

The rest of the day I have spent indoors putting firelogs in my stove and watching the birds by the birdfeeders. I really want to take some pictures of them, so I can show what kind of birds that comes here in the winter. My mobilphone camera isn´t good enough for that, but then I saw a small bird eating clematis seeds outside one of my kitchen windows. I wasn´t fast enough with the camera, but tomorrow I will buy tallow balls and put them there. If I´m fast enough with the camera You might see some bird pictures here tomorrow.
The creek has open water again. I´m standing above a ditch that lead me to...

I ordered some seeds yesterday. A couple of Delphiniums and a Romneya (Romneya coulteri)from northern america. We call the Romneya "Bush poppy" and it´s not really hardy here, but it´s so beautiful that I have to try it. The seeds are really difficult to germinate and usually they recommend putting fire on the soil it´s sown in. I´ve done that and my neighbours thougt I was crazy :-) Nowdays they are used to that I do things like that :-) But now someone found out that one only have to put a lot of ashes on the pot and then water the pot thoroughly. Place it cold and the seeds germinate when the spring is comming. So much easier :-)

this even bigger ditch or should I call this a creek to? This ditch leads to the creek some hundred meters away.

Well that´s something for someone that didn´t have anything to write about :-)
Be good!


woody said...

Right there are many mornings when it seems there is just nothing to say BUT as long as we are breathing we will always have a tale to tell.For some reason your pictures failed to load when I viewed your blog but your tale was well worth the read mever fear you are a fine blogger.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Woody,thank You! I´m always glad that my little blogs are liked.

Strange that You didn´t see my pictures? I can see them right now anyway. Sometimes Blogger have some short time problems that may have stopped it to show them for a while. Hope You can see them next time.

Yes, sometimes one have more to say than one think :-)

Have a nice day!

Visiting Voyeur said...

Well as long as winter is at your door and not mine I think all is right in the world. Hmmm ashes and poppy seeds I have never heard that before. Have you thought about planting a variety of Vinca?

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Visiting Voyeur!
I understand what Yuo mean about winter :-) Well is ok if it could be one kind of weather and not cold one day and the warm yhe next.

Some plants need fires as help to get their seeds to germinate and this Romneya Coulteri is one of those that benefits from fires. It´origines from California and there are ususally a lot of fires there. This poppy ist really hardy here by the Cranelake, but with a lot of help it might survive.

I have Vincas in my garden, but they are a bit snsitive when winter gets wet as it often gets here, so they have to fight to survive thr winter here. They are lovly though.