Monday, January 12, 2009

The first day back to work and it was qutie nice. Lots to do atleast for some days with paiting. When we´ve done that there are other things to do, so no nobody worries about losing their jobs for a long time yet. My boss didn´t come to work today and wont do that for several days. Last Friday he was on the operation table getting rid of his inflamed appendix. Well he´s slowley getting better so that´s good anyway.

This is how it looked the first day of opening. The big plant in the back is a Agave americana vr. something. It was one of three of that sort that ever has bloomed in Sweden.

Today i did the annual shaving of my head too :-) Wrong time of the year to do it, but my hair got to long now and started to irritate me. When painting with powder as I do, one gets a lot of powder in the hair. If it´s short there´s no problems, but if it´s long the paint wont loose that easy from the scalp. Now I look like a skinhead :-) Have to use something to cover my head wen walking with my dogs.

I had nine thousand plants in the bigger greenhose the first year. A couple to many I can say :-)

At the moment it seemes that winter is taking a vacation. It´s rather warm and it has been raining all day long. It´s still dark when I come home after work, so I can´t take any new pictures for a while, but today I thought I should show You how my little gardencenter looked like. Todat it´s empty. The new ownner don´t do anything with it, so I might have been the last gardener in that little village. It was a fun time to have it, but there´s no idea to dwell on memories. Nowdays I´m enjoying my garden instead and is content with that.
Be good!

My specialitys were Fuchsias and geraniums. And of course tomatoes. I had over twenty different varyetis of tomatoes :-) Unfortunally Blogger has problems with getting photos in today, so there are no pictures of geraniums I can show.

This is how my head looks now :-)


woody said...

OMG Christer you lost your hair! But not to worry today it is the style.You may even get in the movies now for bald is hot.
I enjoyed your photos of your garden center,how long was it open before you closed it.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! Yes, being slippery bald is cool, here it would be frosty! Not bad, Christer 'Yul Brenner' of the King of Siam fame.
Your Garden Center - It is beautiful and very organized and very healthy! You are a true gardener. And now your home-garden which, I suspect has no peers. This works out better as you can plant to suit yourself and not the buyer.
Delightful pictures! Now that that shiny new dome ... All I can say is "Look out, here comes the man!"
... AliceMary ...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Me in the movies :-) That would be something that :-)
It was opend for two years. But I grew plants there almost a year before I opened it. It hade been closed for a year or so when I bought it. It was the oil cost that was to heavy for me. eight kubic meters of oil was used at winter to heat the place..

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
Yul Brenner fame? Not bad at all :-)

My homegarden did sort of fall apart when I had the gardencenter, so it has a lot of peers :-) But now I have the pleasur to build it from scratch again so to say :-)And as You say, I don´t have to care about if I can sell tha plants or not, it´s only for my self.
I like it when a garden isn´t to tidy and perfekt. I like ro se it as an extension of the surroundings, but with different plants :-)