Friday, January 30, 2009

More and more of the spruces are getting yellow and then slowley dies. I wonder why? Can it be because we have had very dry summers lately? Or perhaps because of the warm winters? Our spruces need a cold winter to survive.

This morning they said on the weather forcast, that there would be no snow or rain tody. It rained slightley when I came home and the rain glaced the road with a thick layer of ice. Now it´s snowing outside. Not much, but it snows :-)

There were large piles of timber just before the creek.

Not a nice sight, but it could be worse. This was a place where one almost was certain of that one would see a gnome or a small troll. Now the mystique is gone.
I and the dogs went down to the creek when I came home, because there were no sound from the machines cutting down the forest. The only thing I can say is that it could be worse. Fortunally they have only been close to the creek in the end of the way we walk. They have cut down a lot of birches, so it is going to be a lot lighter there now. I wonder if the wood anemones or the violettes will gain most from that.

But the creek is still running its way.

We are supposed to be six persons on the paiting departement at work, but today we were only three. So we really had to work hard today. I have to admit that my back felt perfect the whole day, but now it´s a bit sour. But i do think it´s going the right way anyway.

The waterlevel has sunken almost two decimeters (eight inches).

I saw a tv program yesterday called “Swedens worst driver”. How theese people even got their driverslicense is a mystery! I don´t remember when I laughed so much before. But then I realised that theese people actully is driving amongst us others! One of them lives not far away from me and that makes me frightened. I´m not the best driver in the world, backing is my Achilles heel, but compared to them I´m an exellent driver. Another question is: How many more people drive as bad as they did on the program?
Have a nice day and be careful out there!

They have taken away a lot of birches here. I wonder if the Wood anemon or the violettes is gaining from that.


Mona said...

I simply loved every single minute of my visit on your blog! I must return. Your photo's were wonderful. My dog would dearly love to adventure out without a leash and with all that space to run and enjoy freedom. Thank you for sharing. There were many other things I enjoyed..such as the bread you baked. We have found a favorite bread here that is baked on the premises with the same spices you mention in your bread. It is getting late but I will return later to read more. I am pleased to have found you.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I´m glad that You like my blogg!
This is really a great place to have dogs, lot of places to run around in :-)

I like to experiment when it comes to baking bread. So next time I´ll ad some millet flour into the bread. It usually gives a little bitter touch to it.

You are very welkom back here and now I´ll check Your blogg!
Have a nice weekend now!