Monday, January 5, 2009

Cat on cold tin roof.

It didn´t become as bad as I thought last night. When I went to bed it was minus nineteen degrees outside (-2F). This morning it was only minus nine ( +16F). Went away to the supermarket to buy food to the birds and some firelogs, the birds have to accept that it became a Wild birds mix and not only sunflower seeds today. The sunflower seeds were to expensive and only sold in 25kg bags (55 pounds) and the mixed in 15kg bags (33 pounds), together with the firelogs it had been to much to carry.

Outside my Christmasroses and rhododendrons are waiting for the spring.

This one is really hardy, so the cold weather we have now wont heart it. But...

When I came home and started to fill the bird feders I heard a strange noice. It sounded as something scraped against metal. Then I heard my cat Bertil miauing loud. I found him on the garage roof. He had climed up the syringa tree in the dogyard and got rather far before he realised that the roof was slippery :-) But after talking to him he started to slowley go back to the tree. No bigger drama, but I don´t think he´ll do it again soon :-)

theese not so hardy might say good bye after this night. Sometimes the damages they get in cold weather wont show it self until next summer, so theese may even bloom before dying. Just wait to see what happens.

This one is also a bit fragile.

In the supermarket I realised how exepnsive birdfeeders are. Espesially those made of wood with a little bit of paint on. They were made to look like the small cottages we have in our countrie. You see, the majority of houses and cottages, in the rural areas, in Sweden are red with white corners. A guess from me is that at least 60% of the houses and cottages are red with white corners, before it was even more. When people in the cities wants to buy a house in the country side, they want to buy just a red house with white corners. Perhaps it´s Astrid Lindgrens fault (You now, she who wrote Pippi Longstocking) that it is that way? In many of her stories people lived in such houses.
Inside this begonia still is in bloom.

Bertil up on the garage roof.

Anyway. Tomorrow it will be really warm again, just to be cold the day after that. My last week of vacation has started and I will enjoy every minute of it :-)
Bee good!

Suddenly he realised that the roof was slippery.

He managed to get back to the top, even if I wanted him to just jump down to me. It´s no great hight, so even if he had fallen down he wouldn´t get injured.

Finally he went back to the Syringa and climbed down.


woody said...

Good blog nice tale of the cat our animals bring such pleasure where would we be without them in our life. May the rest of your vacation be pleasent and pleasing.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Yes were would we be whitout our animals. My life would be much poorer I can say! Have a nice day Woody!