Monday, January 26, 2009

It´s wonderful to walk in the forest early in the morning. So quiet and calm. Soon one can hear the Black grouse play here.

It´s warm and foggy outside today, again. But it´s quite nice taking walks with my dogs, the cats rather stay indoors now. I´ve noticed that now when it´s warm, the birds don´t come to the feeders anymore. Now they are scattered all over the lawn at the backside of my house instead.

My back is a little bit better today. Not so much pain as it´s stiff. Think it´s going to be okey in a day or two now. The problem of being home from work is that I have a lot of time over. Could clean the house of course, but Nah! I saw a replay of the tv series House. It´s fun to see once in a while, but not to often. He who plays House is a great comedien actully.

For once I managed to make my dogs sit still for more than two swconds :-)

I was going to make a video with my new camera and did so. But the memorycard I have only allowed me to make it twenty one seconds long :-) I can tell You that it was the best twenty one seconds I´ve ever done :-) :-) I´m going to buy a new memory card as soon as possible. I could have made a video with lower quality and gotten yet another twenty one sekonds, but it´s still to short I think.

The ice on the puddles has melted, but on ponds it´s still very thick.

Well now I´m going back to watch TV and then another walk with the dogs.
Enjoy the day now!

Here and there rests of old sandpits can be found in the forest.


woody said...

A nice blog today and your pictures are superb especially when one clicks on them to view full size.I used your dog photo for my desktop background. They are fine looking dogs and I can well imagine the joy they must bring you. Hope your back feels better.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
This camera really takes quality pictures! But I don´t even have it on best quality and still the pictures gets so clear.

Yes, my dogs really make may day so much happier :-) Can´t imagine a life without them.

My back is better now, but of course I slipped when walking just now. I went down a small slope when the mud under my feet just ran away :-)

HelenJ said...

3 dogs in one picture :O)! Congratulations! =)
Nice to hear that your back is better now...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi HelenJ!
I´m proud of my self beeing successfull with having the dogs at one place long enough to take a picture :-)