Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snowing again.

The birds haven´t found the tallow ball i hung out today, so it will take some time untill I can get some pictures of them. When I woke up the snow had started to fall and it was a bit windy too. I didn´t feel the wind in the forest, so I didn´t think it was that hard after all. The trees looked as they were sprayed with powered sugar and it was really pleasent. The younger dogs wrestled with each other fighting about different sticks they found. The old lady walked by my side showing no interest to their fight. She knows that she doesn´t stand a chans to get it any more.

The spruce looks as if sprayed with powdered sugar. Here in the forest it didn´t look as if there was so much wind really.

It´s not much snow, but it looks a little Christmasy anyway.

After the walk i drove to Falkoping to buy more firelogs and the tallow balls to tyhe birds. I realised then that it was almost storming up on mount Mösseberg. The problem living in open areas is that the snow continues to fly in the air long after the snow has stopped falling. So I and the few other drivers tool it very calm on the raod.

Up on mount Mosseberg it was a totally different thing. The winds were so strong that the car sort of mowed over the road and there were almost no sight at all sometimes.

Just some minutes after me there were two drivers that didn´t take it calm. On my way home the traffic stod completely still and had done so for almost an hour. There were a few wounded, but not svere according to the local radio. Why can´t people learn to take it easy on the roads when it snows? I think it´s better to come late than never, but some doest think so unfortunally. The traffic started to move just as they said that rain was about to start here on the local radio. Now the roads will be even worse to drive on. I really hope they will take it easy now at least.

In Falkoping the wind was calmer, but the roads were very slippery.

The road was totally blocked for a hour after the two cars had crashed. When we were allowed to drive again there had blown so much snow around my car that it was difficult to get away. Now I wont drive again until the weather is stabil once again.

I felt a drizzle when I got out of the car, so I came home just in time it seemes. Guess if I feel lucky not have to drive to work this week either :-)
Bee good!


woody said...

You are a wise man to beware of the winter driving. Here in Maine it is the same although we live in a winter state and danger lurks in the storms it seems some NEVER learn to just slow down and go gently through.
So each storm brings more accidents.Have a cup of tea stoke the fire and enjoy the rest of your vacation. And keep on blogging.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
It seemes as there are many people that get amazed that it´s going to be winter once again :-) I´m not afraid of dying in a car crash, but to get injured and feel all the pain one will get. My boy got injured when driving when another car went into his car. I never want to get through what he has gone through. So I´m taking it easy on the roads so at least I dot injure anyone else.

I´m having plenty cups of tea now :-)And I promise to continue my blogging :-)

Anonymous said...

I pray that your boy is now alright and has healed. Not long ago, an unattentive driver crashed into the passenger's side of the car that grandson was riding in. His pelvis was fractured and he was laid up for quite awhile.
Keep on being cautious and caring ... AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Well, he´s better anyway. His spine was severly damaged. He can´t feel his legs and for some years the pain was so huge that he was a prisonor in his own home. But now they have, with help of titan implant, straightened his spine and most of the pain is gone. He can walk and is slowley koming back to an easier life :-)